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In this feature, we will regularly show you both the trendiest and most interesting characters, that are selected by our team. The Ambassadors will get the opportunity to vote for their favourite SelectSpecs frames. The Ambassadors will also be asked questions so that we can get to know them better!  

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This is Laura and Barry

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with these two! They warmly welcomed our team into their amazing home and showed us a regular day of theirs. Laura and Barry literally transform peoples’ lives , their behaviors, style of living, and how they see themselves as a person. They do this through their own Rock Solid Principles which include educating and the implementation of Mindset, Exercise, and Nutrition. Laura and Barry believe that everything starts with the body, ‘if we are not in good health then nothing else will work in your life’.  Laura and Barry also offer workouts in their own private gym to help people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.


Their story

This is bigger than the body of your dreams. The way that we workout and keep our bodies fit and healthy is the same way that we play the game of life. If you are lazy, undisciplined, unfocused and have no faith in looking after your body, we could point you to everything that is in your life and show you the SAME very issues.
You see the attitude that you give towards your body, health and fitness impacts massively on other areas of your life. The stress you face in your life, the challenges you face, and how you conduct yourself in business or at your job, how you feel about yourself, how others feel about you and how you see yourself.


Where do you live?
Laura and Barry – Hawkinge, Folkestone, Kent

What do you do?
Laura and Barry – We are Lifestyle Coaches – we inspire people to take action in their lives!


Where can we follow you on social media?

Facebook – Rock Solid Body Transformations
Twitter (Laura)- bipolargymchick
Twitter (Barry) – bazzaash
Instagram – rocksoliduk

Which glasses did you vote for in our SelectSpecs range?

Laura and Barry – When we are at the gym we prefer the Savannah 8122 Wayfarer style frames because they are great for training with!  We found the frames very grippy, flexible, and such great value (under £10)!

Laura – I loved the Dark Blue Savannah 8122 frames (as well as the clear which is shown in the picture at the top)1601_07_1

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Barry – I chose the Black Savannah 8122 frames because they looked great whilst working out and stayed put!


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However, for an everyday pair of glasses then Laura and Barry loved the Hallmark frames.

Laura – I am a big fan of these frames, the Hallmark 3029 frame just has that edge!


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Laura – also liked the Antares 8604 frames (below).

Antares 8604

Barry – I like to wear the Hallmark A6838 frame when not at the gym. The frame looks cool with the bamboo arms!


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You have motivated a lot of people. What motivates you?

Laura  – Our clients and their achievements, and my drive to push for success in all areas of my life.
Barry – Competing, and seeing others do well.


When was the last time you had a fry up and what food is your biggest weakness?

Laura – LOL – I actually cannot remember!!! My BIG weakness is CAKE, in particular anything Lemon
Barry – Honestly?  3 weeks ago when I was in Afan forest in Wales whilst on a biking holiday. My biggest weakness is cookies – triple chocolate chip ones!

Your top three films?

Laura – Rocky 4, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Interstellar
Barry – Top Gun, Iron Man 1 and Avatar


Where is your favourite place?

Laura – Our garden in the summer time – Kitties, Barry, mellow Jazz, shades, and Lemon Cake!
Barry – Home

If you had to take three items each to a desert island, what would they be? 

Laura – Dumbells, iPod full of audio books with headphones, and mascara
Barry – A book (self development),  a phone to contact friends & family and a tent.

What is the weirdest thing about you?

Laura – I count everything – even syllables in words.
Barry – My short attention span!

What would you say to the person who is reading this right now?

Laura – Don’t neglect the one thing you take for granted – your health.
Barry – Do something you enjoy.

Hallmark 3029

You can find out more about Laura and Barry’s business at Rock Solid 4 Life here.

Photography and Editing: Victor Kovachev

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