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Fashion Bloggers Best Sunglasses for Summer!

Ready to rock this summer?

Its here finally, the heat the vibe and hopefully the…love. Our souls are craving for adventures, beach, sun and parties from dusk til dawn.

We are already imaging ourselves Immersed in those wild and free days, relaxing and shaking away all the gray days of this (endless) winter, while sipping an Iced cocktail in our hands…what a feeling!

What other season other than summer has such an allure on our happiness? It’s unique. Some of its charm is also due to the fact that we can unleash our creativity and Indulge with dresses, colours, accessories, the list goes on…

Sunglasses are the key accessory of this season so to make everything perfect, fashion choices are like the Icing on the cake; someone said the details are everything to make you feel Irresistible.

We have collected some of the most known fashion bloggers posts with their latest sunglasses trends, to help you choose better what can also suit your personality best.


Summer Cool!


The sisters Renee and Alisha Herbert are the most cool fashion bloggers to be Inspired this summer. With more than 1 million followers and active fans, they totally self manage their model and Instagram career..smart girls!

Their style is fresh, modern and edgy…with a strong “masculine” vibe: in few words you will not see a lot of pink in their feed but instead a lot of sporty and trendy outfits are their every day “bread”.

#totallook DW061

#totallook DW061



Adidas ad06 Zonyk Aero L

Adidas ad06 Zonyk Aero L



Sweet Summer!


Instead for all of us who love the colour pink and cherish our feminine side Chiara Ferragni, the queen of all Influencers, is giving us some fashion tips for this summer.

In the picture above she is  wearing a”delicious” match of pastel colours outfit combined with a pair of classic ray-ban.

Even Barbie could be jealous  of her style!

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer (Polarized)

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer (Polarized)




To make things easier, for all of you who are wondering what is the trend of the trends this summer: the answer is “red”.

All the shades of red and all what makes that beach days feel like an exotic escape!

Chiara is overdoing it by matching her bathsuit with her super cool cat-eye sunglasses.

Tommy Hilfiger TH 1480/S

Tommy Hilfiger TH 1480/S


Party Summer!


Sita Bellan on the other hand, with more than 600k followers will help you with your party choices in those awaited hot days.

She is labelled with the name “queen of techno and disco parties” and celebrities are absolutely all over her looks. Jeremy Scott, Diplo, Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacobs are only few of the “vips” who follow and love her.

So let’s have a look to her last outfit…Again, we find Sita wearing a strong combination of pink and red, which are predominant in the overall look.

The pink/redish squared sunglasses are another big trend of this season not to miss!

Dolce & Gabbana DG6111

Dolce & Gabbana DG6111



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