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The ‘Coffee House’ first came to England in the 1600s and was, at first, the source of disagreement. After becoming the new place to socialise, people began to have political conversations which very much unnerved the King. He even tried to shut the ever-expanding coffee houses down.

And it wasn’t just King Charles II that had a problem with them; women weren’t allowed inside, causing retaliation.

In 1674, they devised the Women’s Petition Against Coffee which argued that the drink made men impotent, blaming it for the decline in birth rate.

Despite all of this, spending less time at pubs and taverns meant more time having sober interactions, which eventually led to the insurance industry, stock-exchange and economic growth thriving.

Now, however, we’re familiar with the likes of Starbucks, Costa and Nero as our everyday go-to coffee shop.

From mochas to frappuccinos, lattes to cappuccinos, we have more variety than ever and coffee has become one of the nation’s favourite beverages.

Our iced espresso range is bigger than you think. #icedcoffee

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Whether it’s for a first date, a catch up with your friends or an outing with your favourite book, cafés are the ultimate casual day out.

So, I’ve come up with a few outfit ideas, taking inspiration from bloggers, vloggers and high street brands.


Give me all the coffee today please 🤗☕️ and all the sleuthing time with my crime books 😉🕵🏻‍♀️ • I'm SO happy to be back in the real world after spending the day in bed yesterday. Shoutout to all the tea I drank & vitamins I took for fixing me enough so I could get back to work 😉🎉 • I'm realllly getting into the swing of Sara Blaedel's 2018 release THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER now guys 🕵🏻‍♀️ I'm loving it!!! This series is SO different from her Louise Rick books – Sara's books always have compelling characters, but this one really relies on the personal lives of its characters to create intrigue, rather than the police investigations of the Louise Rick books. Sara knows how to write endearing characters SO well – I always feel like I know these characters as real people, it that makes sense 😂 that's true with Louise Rick, and with this new series!! 👍🏻 • Plus, the funeral home setting of this book is just 🙌🏻🖤 I got to SUCH a creepy scene this morning right when I had to get off the train to go to work, so I'm dying to get back to reading tonight!!! 🤓 • What are YOU reading this Thriller Thursday?! 🤓📖

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Firstly, I love the way the colour grey is experimented with here. It appears in different shades going from light to dark from top to bottom.

The patterned, floaty scarf gives a ‘dappled’ effect while staying simplistic. Silver jewellery really brings the outfit together and the peep-toe shoes offer an alternate shade of tan.

This would be an ideal style for spring – it looks fresh and sophisticated; the scarf adding a lovely layer and bringing attention to the centre of the outfit.


Wrapping up the day @georgiaindia (Dress: 530854469)

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Brightening things up, this red floral wrap dress would take care of the warm, sunny days.

Dresses like this one suit ankle boots – here opting for black heeled ones to match the handbag. With the pattern on the dress, accessorizing has been kept to a minimum as to not to seem too overcrowded.

The oversized cat-eye sunglasses, however, are bold and brave – adding glam to the look. These sunnies by Karl Lagerfeld would certainly do the trick with their bold design.

Try them out here:


About to walk into my last meeting of the week. Happy Friday, everyone! 😀

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Tanya Burr is a business woman, blogger, vlogger and baker. Yet her busy lifestyle doesn’t get in the way of a great outfit.

Here, she sticks to a casual look with a camel coloured A-line coat over a navy jumper and trousers. Her red Gucci bag adds a fun pop of colour, again, drawing attention to the centre of the outfit.

If you’re one for sticking to block monochrome colours, accessorizing with bright shades will help you stand out, without going OTT!

Coffee Date

Blogger Poppy Deyes styles her denim jacket with a pale pink top and black trousers. This sudden change of colour is separated by her Gucci belt (but any buckled belt would do the trick).

This urban style is achieved with her large hooped earrings, reflecting her circular sunnies. This would be great for a coffee date – keeping things casual yet dressing up more with accessories.

Try out these round sunglasses by Miu Miu to help you achieve the look, too:


Fancy brunch this weekend? Take a look at these outfit ideas

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