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Favourite Brand: INVU Swiss Sunglasses

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With Spring on its way and Summer in the not too distant future, it’s about that time to start considering eyewear pieces you are going to wear. Our suggestion: why not consider INVU glasses?

INVU glasses apply nine layers of technology to their lenses for ensured high quality and performance.

These specially designed lenses offer a clearer, sharper image that will allow you to connect with the surrounding world in ultra-high-definition.

Heightening your experience of every day and memorable moments. INVU is part of the Swiss Eyewear Group founded in 2013. Run by a group of industry experts with over 150 years of experience, they sell their products across 70 countries worldwide.

We have picked two of our favourite styles from Invu for men, women and children which are affordable and stylish for the upcoming warm weather.

Men’s Sunglasses

A post shared by Nick Bateman (@nick__bateman) on Feb 4, 2017 at 12:37pm PST

The INVU men’s eyewear range for 2017 focuses on aviator styles whilst keeping designs minimalistic. Think clean lines and trademark Swiss features.

Check out model Nick Bateman’s aviator style above for a chiseled yet sexy look. Whether you’re going on a Sunday hike, power drive on the highway or off to a work meeting, slap on a pair of these sunnies for a polished yet powerful appearance. Each will look great teamed with a leather jacket and stylish watch for a city look this Spring.

The Invu B1403 men’s glasses and the Invu B1501 men’s glasses, are a steal for only £36.96 per pair.


Women’s Sunglasses

For the women’s range, the collection this year focuses on popping colours and rounded lenses. Ensuring that whether you are in the South of France or on a Safari, your eyewear will always be stylish.

We love fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi’s rounded lenses in her Instagram snap above. Get a steal of this look with one of our two INVU picks below.

The round design of the green Invu T2511 women’s glasses are right on trend for 2017’s Spring/Summer with 90’s frames making a comeback. A colour contrast of the Invu T2500 women’s glasses are stylish but unusual enough to stand out in a crowd of sunglass wearers. Both lenses total to just £36.96 per pair, which we think is definitely an excuse to buy both.


Kid’s Sunglasses

For children, INVU do a wonderfully playful and affordable range. Giving your child the best eyewear protection from the sun whilst also ensuring they are fun to wear.

Playing dress up is a big part of childhood, so let your kids run wild with their style choices.

There are plenty of colour options on our website for children, so they can choose a pair to suit their personality. All pairs are £20 each.

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