Top 5 Office Looks for Architects

Architects: Stereotypically known to step into the office donning an all-black outfit & thick frames.

Although we don’t have anything personally against this kind of look, here are 5 potential style combos to help mix up your work attire.

Add a touch of colour, create an alternative look and keep things looking fresh.

Go for full frame lenses – speaking from experience as an architect – as they tend to be able to withhold the wear and tear of site measuring, long work hours and computer-screen facing work.

Retro Chic

Pair smart specs with an equally geometric dress to keep the look simple and crisp.

Check out these Bvlgari BV4130KBfull-framed rectangular specs. The detail on the arms breaks the monotony, and can work really well in accenting your overall look.

Accessorise with a simple and playful jewellery piece to add a bit of colour. The white handbag helps draw out the arm detail and brings lightness the outfit.

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Black striped swing shirt dress, Swallow triple necklace turquoise, Michael Kors large satchel, Bvlgari specs

Bold & Romantic

Building on a bold feel, maroon accents help break up the black.

Accents on the shoes, jewellery and nail colour keep it subtle, so that the specs can take centre-stage.

And I know these are not exactly the kind that Le Corbusier wears, but these Dior MONTAIGNE7 lenses are just too stylish to pass up.

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BCBGMAXAZRIA wrap coat, Roberto Festa suede bootie, Vanessa Mooney choker, Chanel nail polish, Dior specs

Gradient Frames

Go for comfort and practicality mixed in with a little fun.

Brown is a really easy colour to build an outfit around, and it’s hard to go wrong unless you go really wrong!

These gradient toned Fendi FF 0065 specs make it so easy to choose a colour scheme for the look. A perfect mix between the traditional black frame with a hint of subtle colour.

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 Diane Von Furstenberg V-neck, Paige suede leggings, Hollister Madden Girl heeled sandals, Gucci yellow gold ring, Steve Madden clutch, Fendi specs

Less Heavy

Using a light silver frame, your look can be subtle yet sophisticated. Work with a grey and black colour palate; optionally play with colour.

These DAVIDOFF Eyewear 95502 specs are a great alternative when you’re tired of black heavy frames. Intricate jewellery works well with the glasses, keeping the look streamline and stylish.

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 Susana Monaco waist sweater dress, black and white crystal waterfall necklace, White gold portobello raindrop stacked rings, Davidoff specs

Can We Have Some Colour Already?!

These Dior CD3774 specs have all the colour you need. Maybe almost too much colour if you prefer your more subtle shades.

A touch of black has been added for good measure; also to stop any colour-induced panic for fellow architects.

Pair with geometric accents to create a bold, attention-grabbing look. The Dior specs are also a great option even if you want to have an all-black outfit (or mix it up with grey).

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Vince Camuto dress, Lynn Ban diamond black rhodium hoops, black pumps, Schemu wooden statement necklace, Dior specs

Although the architects reading this will already know this, the look is all about composition and balance. It can be fun to move out of the grey-scale clothing palate and add some colour to the looks! With these 5 specs, building a fresh look won’t be too hard!

Find out how to highlight your glasses with makeup here

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