Glasses for Small Noses: The Spectacle Shopping Guide

Glasses for Small Nose Bridge Guide

If you have a small nose bridge, finding glasses that fit well can sometimes be tough. Do your glasses keep slipping down your face? Do they hit your cheeks before they hit your nose, creating lines when you wear them too long? Do they move up and down whenever you smile or talk? Or do they completely fall off whenever you tilt your head too far forward? These are all telltale signs that you may have a small nose bridge.

A small nose bridge and high cheekbones is a combination that is particularly common with Asian faces. In some countries, this has inspired a number of ‘Alternative fit’ eyewear collections that can provide the perfect level of comfort. But if you’re shopping for specs, there are also other things to help you find the best glasses for your face shape. Here are some tips to help you find frames that won’t fall off if you have a small nose!

1. Buy glasses with adjustable nose pads

Adjustable nose pads are the answer when you are shopping for everyday glasses or sunglasses. This often rules out plastic frames though, as metal designs are usually the ones that feature nose pads rather than a seamless nose piece that is a part of the frame design. This video below helps to explain exactly how you can adjust your nose pads to fit your nose. Nose pads are also very affordable to replace so if yours yellow over time or get damaged, you can easily find some more online.

2. Look for the bridge measurements

When shopping for glasses, make sure you look at the measurements provided. Most frames have 3 sets of numbers printed on them and they are usually found along one of the arms. For example, the numbers could look like this: 55 – 18 – 145

The first number (55) represents the width if the lens (in mm). The second (18) represents the width of the bridge (in mm). Finally, the third (145) is length of the arm (in mm). The number you need to be looking at if you have a small nose is the bridge width. The range can be between 14mm and 24mm and the narrower the bridge, the better it will fit. Read our glasses measurements guide to find out more.

You don’t have to find specialist opticians for narrow bridge frames either. There are many collections which feature smaller styles – you just have to know how to check the numbers before buying. These Savannah 2439 glasses from our budget collection have a very small 14mm bridge width and are just £12.00.

small nose bridge glasses

Savannah 2439


3. Get added support

There are also many ways of getting added comfort for your glasses if they keep falling down. Including tightening the arms so they are more secure, using beeswax products on plastic frames to reduce slippage, and silicone saddle bridges that can be screwed in for extra frame support and enhance nose fit. If you’ve already purchased a pair of prescription glasses that you really like, or you just want to improve the fit of an old pair, these screw-in saddle pads are a fantastic solution.

Silicone Screw-In Saddle Bridge Pads

Silicone Screw-In Saddle Bridge Pads


4. Shop for lightweight frames

If you want to prevent glasses from slipping down your face, opt for lightweight materials to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day. For instance, aluminium and titanium are both known for their lightweight properties. But there’s also magnesium, which is lighter than both titanium and aluminium – it is strong, durable and hypoallergenic too. Beryllium is also 30% lighter than aluminium whilst also being six times stronger, giving you a great wearable option with added toughness. Avoid stainless steel which can often feel very heavy after extended wear.


Keep checking in on the Select Specs Fashion/Lifestyle Magazine for more tips for glasses wearers. If you would like more help shopping for frames, take a look at our post titled ‘Four Easy Ways to Figure Out Your Face Shape for Glasses‘.

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