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How to make your White Frames Pop with Five Fabulous Pieces !

White is the new black when it comes to killer cool glasses and with so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect pair for your face shape and for your style.  White frames can be beautifully simple, fierce and edgy or just plain out there!

Whatever style frame you opt for, pairing them with some wonderfully quirky and colourful clothing will make you stand out from the crowd.

Check out my five top pieces to help you and your frames pop!

Pink and polka dots

pink and polka

This bright fuchsia skirt with contrasting black polka dots is a wacky way to draw attention to your glasses.  It’s oh so 80’s and a little space age at the same time!

White frames crave these colours because they contrast beautifully, meaning your glasses will look as striking as your outfit.

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This outfit pairing is designed to be über quirky, so why not grab some stand out frames to fit? These Savannah 2249 soft matte frames are the perfect mix of chunky black front and striking white sides, all in a cool, matte finish.  Click here to find out more!

Dreamy pastels


Beautiful blues and wispy whites are guaranteed to create the perfect pairing.  There’s no denying that pastels work well with white and these two go together to create a style that’s laid back and super feminine.  If you love all things quaint and kitsch, then make a beautiful summery pastel such as this soft, sky blue your go to colour this season.

Max & C0 165 White Frames

Stuck for choice? Why not try pairing your pastels with these easy-going MAX&Co 165 White frames above. These are a wonderful addition to any summer outfit. Find them here.

Glossy vintage accessories

black bag

Another great way to get your white frames popping is with a bold and striking accessory.  Black and White are the ultimate contrasting companions, so why not pair a cute set of white frames with a glossy, black handbag to create the perfect mix of classic and modern monochrome style.

Calvin Klein Sunglasses 4251S White

If you want to create a seriously vintage style with some cool modern elements, check out these CK by Calvin Klein sunnies. Bold striking rims and dark lenses make these the ultimate high fashion sunglasses to pair with your black vintage handbag.

Cutesy crops

Cutesy Crop

Cropped jackets are not only great for creating your perfect figure but can give you a striking stand-out look too. A bright yellow floral jacket looks great paired with some edgy white frames.  The colours go so well together.  If a yellow jacket isn’t your style, then why not try your glasses with a yellow handbag, yellow skirt and even some fierce yellow nails?

Alexander McQueen 4222 White
These stand out Alexander McQueen beauties work perfectly with their eccentric studded detailing and can be found on the SelectSpecs website.

Office Chic

vintage shirt
Get ready to stand out in the office with a 1950’s vintage shirt and watch as those heads turn!  Vintage shirts go with almost any style of frame but if you want to achieve a timeless, classic style then these creamy, dreamy Valentino frames fit the bill!

Valentino V2660 Ivory

Soft reds and pinks go perfectly with this colour and work together with the frames to create a soft but determined office look.  With a beautiful ivory-white colouring and classic shape, these glasses pair perfectly with your 50’s flannel shirt.  Grab them now at SelectSpecs.

Do you love to douse yourself in colour?
Perhaps you prefer something more sultry and subtle?
Whatever your style, we’d love to find out more.  
How do you rock with your SelectSpecs frames?