How To Pick Your Specs

Vivienne Westwood once stated “I can’t think without my glasses,” and we know exactly what she means.

Glasses are about so much more than just seeing, they can be the key to your look, and integral to how you feel.

Over the years certain types of glasses have been associated with different personality types: think thick frames with geekiness and cat-eye shapes with eccentricity.

Obviously these are stereotypes, and millennials have done more to smash these down than anyone; geek chic is now oh-so-cool and standing out is the new fitting in.

So how do you navigate this new terrain?

How do you find glasses that feel how you want them to feel, do what you want them to do, and say what you want them to say?

Here’s our 3 step guide.

1. Try Them On

Ok, ok, this might sound basic, but trying glasses on is essential to finding your perfect pair.

Only then can you get a feel for how they look on you: on your face, with your outfit etc.

Some pairs that might jump out at you initially can leave you feeling cold when you put them on.

Glasses are all different weights too; some are super lightweight and others you can really feel on your face.

Get to know what ‘feel’ you like, and use the knowledge to select your specs.

Also, don’t forget to take a photo!

While initially you might love them, glasses can photograph differently, so be sure to take a quick snap if you’re a selfie queen and don’t want to be disappointed.

This pair from Infinity are barely there, and so perfect you don’t like having too much weight on your face.

Infinity 1266


If you like something a little more substantial, think about a thicker frame, larger lenses, or weightier arms.

We like this chunky pair from Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban RX5184 – New Wayfarer

2. Think About When You’re Going To Wear Them

Are these going to be your staple pair or just for special occasions?

Are you going to have more than one or wear the same pair everyday?

If the latter, it’s worth going for some that you won’t get bored of, but equally that excite you every day.

Ideally, they need to go with all the different types of outfits that you wear.

If this is made up of quite a broad range of clothes, we recommend going for a super versatile pair.

We like these from Hallmark for easy everyday wear.

Hallmark 6008

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More of a contact lens wearer, but like to switch things up sometimes?

Try these from Savannah to get people’s attention.

Savannah P2249 Havana


3. Do Your Research

Is there a designer that you just love?

Have you spotted a new line to die for on Instagram or a catwalk show?

If you’ve got something in mind when you’re looking, be sure you have all the info that need.

Check out these gorgeous frames and see if Chloe’s is you new go-to brand.

Chloe CE2688

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