How to Reinvent Your Style with Glasses: 3 New Spectacle Styles to Try

reinvent your style with glasses

Trends, they come and go. But key looks, they seem to have a knack of sticking around for seasons. Years. Decades even.

It was Yves Saint Laurent himself who once said, “fashion fades, style is eternal” so when it comes to keeping your eyes peeled for good fashion buys, it’s in the shopper’s interest to consider more than just current trends. Because many current trends happen to be fleeting ones. Those with the ability to dig a little deeper can often transcend the field of fashion and create a connection with the classic. The tried and tested. The timeless.

So without getting too caught up with what everyone’s doing on the catwalks, what are the fail-safe looks that can help us inspire a whole wardrobe overhaul?

After all, it’s 2016 and it’s probably about time you chucked out those old, battered frames and upgraded to something that gives your look a little more personality, right?

If you’ve been avoiding shopping for a new pair of glasses because the thought of splashing out on brand new specs only for the fickle trends of fashion to change direction at last minute, makes you feel like cursing the catwalks, don’t be disheartened. We’ve tapped into three key looks that seem to have withstood the test of time in recent years and we think that these looks are the perfect way of looking on trend and on fleek without being on the brink of becoming a fad.

In need of some new wardrobe swag? Here’s how you can reinvent your whole wardrobe look with your prescription glasses, in 3 proven styles including classic geek chic, new age hipster, and chilled out sports luxe.

1) That Classic Geek Chic Look


Geek chic glasses have now become a classic. Yep, it’s official. After many years of proving itself as a staple look, time and time again, it really is about time we acknowledged just how resilient, effervescent and far-reaching the geek chic glasses look truly is.

It’s a remarkable thing; what started off a simple trend has made its mark within our current decade as a go-to style. The geek chic/nerd chic glasses look has blossomed in such a way over the years that there are now so many different styles that can help define this trend. Traditionally, we’re talking full rim, thick frames, all-black and slightly oversized in lenses. The look can be loosely compared to the ‘sexy secretary’ look but it’s unmistakeably bolder and executed with much more conviction.

If you’ve got the cash to splash, try these gorgeous Tom Ford FT5040 unisex glasses; that androgynous look will give you extra style points and keep you right on trend.

geek chic glasses tom ford womens

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If you’re looking for a budget option, how about these Savannah 2376 prescription glasses which do just as well and are just £10.00.

how to get the geek chic look with glasses

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2) The Modern Day Hipster

how to look hipster

You could say that the hipster look is a mutation of the geek chic look; but it really is much more than that, it’s become something of a subculture in modern fashion. And there’s a vegan coffee drinking, mainstream fashion avoiding, tofu and quinoa eating, vintage shoe loving, eco pioneering lifestyle attached to the ‘hipster’ label.

It could so happen that you fit into this very lifestyle; without being overly defined, many of us do in one way or another and to really get that hipster glasses look on point, the inspiration behind your look should be to avoid current trends at all costs and reach for anything retro. If it’s old, it’s right.

These unisex hipster glasses from Ray Ban feature a retro half rim look (but there’s actually a full rim here if you look closely), which is synonymous with specs from the 1950s and 1960s. Get the Ray Ban RX6317 online now.

hipster glasses men women

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3) Laidback Sports Luxe
Sport Luxe Glasses

The sports luxe trend has been dipping in and out of the fashion world for many seasons now. And we’ve seen it reinvent itself in one way or another at every single Fashion Week; whether it’s geometric sports luxe, white out sports luxe, futuristic sports luxe, colour block sports luxe or pastel sports luxe, the runways have proved that there’s always room and always more floorspace to welcome refreshed renditions of this stunning sporty style.

It’s not surprising when you think of the scope for such a look; it can be translated into gym clothing, our travel and beachwear, swimwear or lingerie, casual weekend wear, festival attire and just about anything else the designers fancy getting their creative claws on.

These fabulous sports luxe specs by Lacoste come in 5 stylish colourways; so there’s a design to suit every style personality. If you love the casual sports luxe look, invest in some designer glasses like the Lacoste L2678 frames, a unisex design suitable for both men and women.sports luxe style glasses women

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