How to: Styling Your Wedding Dress with Glasses

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You are planning your wedding; you are browsing the internet, social media and may have even bought a couple of bridal magazines – searching for inspiration for that perfect dress, “the one” that is going to make you feel like a million dollars. But as you flick through all of the images you notice one thing . . . not one of these bridal models is wearing glasses.

Suddenly you are filled with a number of concerns, does this mean I can’t wear my glasses on my wedding day? Do I need to start practising with contact lenses, or just be blind on the day? If I do wear my glasses, will they spoil my overall look?

Don’t worry – there is no need to panic because we are here today to look at a number of bridal styles from real brides who wore glasses on their wedding day and looked absolutely beautiful.


Julie, from the Instagram account @juliefromthemoon made a beautiful bride when she married Shafiq at the end of last year. Julie wears a very bold, 80’s vintage hornrimmed specs.

On some, such a bold glasses choice could overpower the entire look, but because Julie has such dark hair, the glasses complement her hair and therefore work well with the overall look. Julie also chose a more vintage style dress and hairstyle which helps to draw the whole look together, including her glasses. Her dress also featured a take on the Watteau back, which is on trend with bridal fashion this year. The Watteau back is a style that originated in the 18th century where the backs of ladies gowns were designed to look like capes. 2018 bridal fashion has brought this style back in a more subtle way than two hundred years ago, but the style is lovely and unique and works so well for Julie’s bridal look.

Julie’s glasses are just like these Avanglion AV 11464 glasses which are very similar to the ones Julie wears. They have a slightly thinner rim at the top but do feature the slight cat eye at the top corner, and they are oversized so they will give a great vintage twist to your wedding dress outfit.

Avanglion half rim glasses

Avanglion AV11464



Sophie Green, from the Instagram account @sophiegreens married in November 2016 and she also opted for a slightly more vintage style of eyewear and dress for her wedding. What Sophie cleverly did for her wedding was choose a pair of spectacles which had a white frame, thereby matching the glasses to her wedding gown and making her overall look very styled and elegant.

The glasses themselves have a cat eye detailing on them which focuses most of the frame at the top of the eye. This helps the glasses to look light on Sophie’s face and not too bold. Whilst her dress is a more modern silhouette, her husband has worn a vintage style suit with a pocket watch- a great look!

White glasses frames can be hard to find, but on the SelectSpecs website, you will find a small collection of glasses which do come in either transparent, white or very pale pastel colours, all of which can be styled in the same way Sophie has above. We think, because your wedding day is an excuse for glamour and elegance, that these Dolce & Gabbana DG5025 glasses are perfect for pairing with your wedding dress. They are a little chunkier than Sophie’s above, but they do have a cat eye style to them and because they are a white crystal colour, these would look beautiful as part of a wedding outfit.

Dolce & Gabbana DG5025



You don’t have to go down the route of matching your glasses to your wedding dress or bridal outfit – sometimes just wearing the glasses you wear every day, and owning the fact that you’re a sexy glasses wearer, is just as bold and beautiful as a carefully curated bridal look.

Jillian, in this lovely intimate picture of her and her husband, has opted to wear a bold, black pair of glasses which stand out against the delicate white of her bridal gown and hairpiece. It creates a more relaxed bridal look – one which isn’t overly stylised and is a lot more unique to the bride herself.

Jillian wears a traditional rectangular pair of glasses in the above picture, but our pick also comes in a range of colours so that if you want to go a bit bolder and brighter for the big day you can! The ProDesign Denmark 1753 glasses fit this bill perfectly. The ones below are a plain black colour but they come in violet, burgundy, blue and pink.

pro design denmark black glasses

ProDesign Denmark 1753


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