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How To Wear Summer Pastels

After my (not so) guilt-free shopping trip, it was clear to me that pastel colours are back for the summer months. They seemed to appear on every display window, mannequin and clothes rail, brightening up monochrome outfits and adding a pop of colour to accessories. The predominant colours, I found, were pink, yellow and blue – fresh colours ideal for a summery look.

If you’re new to wearing pastels, here are a few tips to think about:

1. Pastel Bottoms

If you’re fairer skinned, try wearing pastels on the lower half to avoid looking ‘washed out.’

Olive Clothing Company uses frills and layers to achieve a spring-y look. The pastel pink sits on the lower half and is balanced nicely with the grey jumper.

Add tights if the weather is a little cooler, or stick to a grey t-shirt if the sun is out.

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2. Mix & Match

Don’t be afraid to mix two different shades together

Prada have combined yellow and blue pastels, separated by a pink belt. Any combination could work, as long as you’re careful – you don’t want to overdo it. Perhaps stick to two at first, and gradually introduce other colours by accessorising.

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3. Accessories

Brunettes and redheads: experiment with pastel coloured accessories rather than with a full outfit to accentuate your natural features.

These bags from Accessorize are an easy starting point. Choose a colour and start matching up your jewellery accordingly. Perhaps try pairing them with neutral clothing, which brings us to my next point…

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4. Pair With Monochrome

Pastels look great when paired with monochrome colours.

You don’t have to dress all in black, but testing out greys, whites and browns would look sophisticated and stylish – perfect for a night out.

Also if you wear glasses, they can really bring this look together. Darker frames make the pastel colours pop.

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5. Experiment

Take this flat lay created by H&M, for example. They used pastel pinks and rose golds to pull off their army-print jacket.

Lose the scarf and add a necklace for those warmer days, but nothing too glam. Keep your jewelry simple so you’re not distracted from the army jacket centre piece.

The Michael Kors sunglasses below would look fab with this outfit; the bright pink mirrored lenses are sure to make those pastels stand out.

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6. Pair With Denim & Metallic

If you’re still stuck for ideas, I’ve also seen a lot of metallic and denim fabrics pulling off a pastel coloured outfit.

Metallic shoes and a clutch bag would glam-up the look, while denim would keep things casual.

Above, Topshop uses block pastel colours together, so don’t be afraid to try this for yourself as long as you break it up with an alternative shade.


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