Jewellery & Eyewear: Style Coordination

It can be tricky to match jewellery with specs, especially when colour schemes are involved. Here are 5 ideas on how to combine jewellery to make your eyewear pop.

Of course, these looks cannot be seen in isolation. Your clothing must also complement the look.

If all fails, go for an outfit with simple colours because multiple colours can be harder to coordinate.

Keep in mind that composing a look is a bit like casting for a play – you’ll want a lead, along with supporting actors. While there can be more than one lead, this will need to be thought out a bit more.

Always ask yourself – what is the main focus? And does the rest of your look support and balance it?

Gold Frames

Camelia Ajore cuff, 3-strand necklace, Kohls Moissanite earrings, Chopard specs

A pair of Chopard VCHA94S glasses are so elegant and delicate in style. Therefore the jewellery chosen to complement these specs must be equally elegant.

The bangle, necklace and earrings follow the same colour scheme, style and work together in a subtle way. This look is more about the detail than about loud, grand moves.

Dark Blue

Atelier Mai Martin leather petal necklace, Kate Spade studs, Zenzii resin bangles, Dior specs

This pair of Dior MONTAIGNE24 glasses are more on the bold side.

Though the look here is as much about bold moves as it is about simplicity. Wearing a pair of coloured frames can make it easy to put together a look because you can use the base colour as a great starting point.

In this look, the jewellery chosen is more on the chunky side (but not too much) to match the boldness of the frames.


Black Full-Framed



Hot topic layered necklace, Rosendahl wrist watch, Thomas Sabo ring, Armani Specs

The Giorgio Armani AR7013B lenses are one step further than the previous pair of specs, with a much more bold and geometric feel.

The necklace chosen brings out the light blue detail on the spec arms. The ring and watch all work together, keeping the colour scheme minimal but speaking the same language.

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Hidden Chic ribbon choker, Kenneth Jay Lane crystal flower studs, Stella Mccartney circular ring, Chico’s olivia bangles, Fendi specs.

Here’s the best part, adding colour.

The Fendi FF 0157 specs are a lot of fun, with a couple of contrasting colours to make the look more light and playful.

The featured jewellery bring out the colour schemes that the glasses have introduced.

Be careful when using multiple colours because sometimes it can get quite busy. It’s helpful to think in terms of hierarchy – for example in this look the earrings and ring are the brighter colours but physically they are a lot smaller and therefore can balance the blue/green bangle set. 

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Burgundy, Thin Frame


Egotique ring, Garnet necklace, Kendra Scott earrings, Vince Camuto burgundy strap watch

When in doubt, go for JIMMY CHOO JC168! Working with a subtle burgundy and gold frame makes accessorising so much easier.

The jewellery to match these specs follow a similar colour theme and are not too heavy either. Having a light set can also make it easier to wear patterned clothing.

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