Celebrity Style: Retro-Round Glasses

One of our favourite eyewear trends that came bursting out of 2016 was retro-inspired round glasses and we’re happy to report that this trend is showing no signs of going anywhere in 2017.

Just as popular with men as with women, the round frame now comes in an eclectic mix of styles, all of which scream quirky and refined.

From cool sunglasses to contemporary plastic frames and dorky oversized prescription glasses, we’ve spotted some of our favourite celebs sporting round glasses combined with their personal style.

Emily Ratajkowski

Stunning model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has appeared in magazines, advertisements, music videos, and on the runway at Fashion Week.

She also starred alongside Ben Affleck in the 2014 film Gone Girl as Affleck’s mistress. Emily proves that geek-chic has never been hotter in this pair of oversized, wire-rimmed, vintage, round glasses.


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Tom Fletcher

Singer/songwriter, guitarist and children’s author Tom Fletcher from Mcfly has become somewhat of a social media sensation over recent years.

He and his wife Giovanni Fletcher are both avid Instagrammers and Tom runs a popular YouTube Vlog.

Tom is a confident glasses wearer and has really found his look with the super trendy round plastic frame, of which he seems to have amassed quite a collection of! From bright and bold red frames to classic black and refined tortoiseshell, Tom’s eyewear collection is certainly enviable.


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Cara Delevingne

Charasmatically quirky British model and actress Cara Delevingne has appeared in fashion shows for Burberry, Mulberry and Dolce and Gabanna.

Delevingne’s first major film role was playing the mysterious Margo Spiegelman in the big screen adaptation of teen novel Paper Towns by John Green.

Delevingne has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the hottest new on-trend looks and was recently photographed for The Love Magazine wearing uber-cool round sunglasses with a bold cat-eye brow-line.


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Jack Antonoff (Bleachers)

Talented indie rocker Jack Antonoff from American band Bleachers (and boyfriend of feminist #GirlBoss Lena Dunham) is rarely seen without his trademark plastic round specs.

As well as being a lead singer and songwriter, Jack has also won three Grammy Awards and co-wrote and co-produced three songs from Taylor Swift’s album ‘1989’.

Jack’s round black glasses are the perfect eyewear accessory for his individual rocker style.


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Rashida Jones

Multitalented American actress, author, producer, singer and screenwriter Rashida Jones is instantly recognisable from her part in the hugely popular American comedy Parks and Recreation.

But did you know that she also co-wrote the screenplay for Toy Story 4?

Rashida really nails the cool intellectual look in these black, plastic, round glasses featuring a horn-rimmed effect, perfectly paired with bright red lips.


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