Style Profile: Meryl Streep

Whatever role you remember her for, Meryl Streep sure knows how to bring a character to life. Whether it’s a comedy, musical or a good old chick-flick, her part in a film always stands out.

As a winner of fifty-two awards, it’s no wonder she’s often thought of as the best actresses of her generation.

This year, Streep was deservedly nominated for Leading Actress in the film Florence Foster Jenkins. But what also stands out is her impeccable style. This year’s BAFTA event saw her showing-off classy frames to the glamorous world of Hollywood.

Streep strutted her way down the red carpet in a gorgeous Givenchy wide-leg trouser suit with a lace top and military-style jacket.

She paired her cat-eye glasses with jewelled earrings to bring the look together elegantly. The angled frames suit her face-shape and complimented her outfit in a sophisticated way – perfect for such a glamorous event. 

These glasses are great for a night out. But if a trouser pant suit isn’t your thing, they’d go well with a shift dress and heels or even some boot-cut jeans and off-the-shoulder top.

If, like Meryl, you’d like to try out this look, try out these Esprit ET17527 cat-eye frames:

It’s not just the cat-eye look that she can pull off; half-rimmed rectangular frames are also worn by the star. These specs go perfectly with an everyday, casual look (when you’re not busy with paparazzi and red carpets, that is!).

They’d go wonderfully with a warm jumper and scarf or, as Meryl wears them here, with a v-neck top. This neckline gives a more angular shape to the outfit and can be worn over the top of a polo neck if you don’t like baring too much skin.

Try the Oakley OX5088 GASSER 0.5 frames for yourself:

Oval glasses are beautifully simple and charmingly fun. Worn with a pair of culottes and roll-neck top, these frames will give you a vintage yet urban style. Without a heavy rim, they’re delicate and won’t distract from your outfit. Meryl wore them to last year’s BAFTA ceremony, where she paired them with a cream silk blouse, blazer and unique ribbon bow-tie.

Want to put an interesting twist on your smart office outfit? Try these Infinity L8109 frames for just £25.

As spring is fast approaching (can it hurry up already?) perhaps a sunny getaway is on the horizon for you. What better time to start planning?

Taking inspiration from Miranda Priestly – a sassy fashion editor played by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada – these classy sunnies would look great with a kimono or floral playsuit. Here, Streep styles them with a scarf and black dress, ideal for those warm evenings watching the sun set.

Get organised and try out these Dakota 8094 frames in time for your well-deserved holiday:

Meryl Streep proves that you don’t have to stick to just one type of frame. Depending on the occasion, you can alter your look accordingly just by changing your glasses; from casual to classy, smart to sassy, Streep pulls off a wide range of looks, and so can you.


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