Job Interviews: Why Wearing Glasses is a Plus

Did you know wearing glasses at a job interview increases your chances of actually getting the position you applied for?

A study conducted several years ago has proved that there is a significant difference in how we perceive people with glasses compared to those who don’t wear them. But that’s not saying we think someone’s intelligence should be judged on their looks, but the truth remains people who wear spectacles are often regarded as smarter than those who don’t.

There are two reasons for this:

Acquiring knowledge

Firstly, the study showed that most people assume no one wears glasses just for the sake of wearing them. If someone has them, it’s because they have eyesight issues and these are probably caused by years of reading books and staring at computer monitors – the two basic ways of acquiring knowledge!

Blocks being scrutinised

Secondly, glasses manage to hide certain facial features: the cheekbones, the frown lines, the tissue around the eyes – thus making the interviewer’s job of scrutinising you more difficult. And if we can’t read someone’s mind, we tend to assume the best of them. It’s another psychological trick, but,apparently it works!

So, the next time you’re headed for a job interview, perhaps it wouldn’t be bad idea to put your glasses on. Nowadays it’s totally acceptable to let yourself indulge in the pleasure of wearing them, even if you don’t need a prescription (mostly thanks to the rise of the so-called hipster fashion.)

And who could inspire you better than already stylish celebs?


Image from: @kendalljenner Instagram

Kendall Jenner is one of those girls that people either love or hate, but one is for sure: no one can ignore her! She’s all the rage right now in the fashion industry and with her exquisite taste in the field, her wearing glasses is one of the best indicators that eyewear is totally in!

Some might remember that years ago she tweeted about the possibility of having to wear glasses. Yet, she could’ve opted for contacts but as she didn’t we regard her choice as a fashion statement! Who can say these rounded rims don’t look good on her?

J-Lo, on the other hand, seems to prefer thicker, much darker, cat-eye frames. Take a look at her wearing a classic Max Mara piece:


Image from: @jlo Instagram

These three picks from can easily upgrade any office outfit and if you do like them but are concerned about their price, Selectspecs is the right place for you! The following eyewear is almost identical, yet much affordable:

1. Hallmark’s 6008 – because round models are an absolute must this year!

2. Calvin Klein’s CK5877 boasts a feminine, cat-eye shape and a timeless design.

For all the rest that you might be interested in, feel free to browse our offer of prescription glasses. And don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Will you be wearing glasses on your future job interviews?

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