Karl Lagerfeld: The Man, the Myth, the Sunglasses

karl lagerfeld sunglasses

His look is instantly recognisable. His presence game changing. His talent unlimited. Everyone in fashion loves Karl Lagerfeld, both his fashion design work and his photography have been the cornerstone to some of fashion’s most iconic moments.

He was the go-to man for Charles Jourdan, he made his name with Chanel, has been a God at Fendi and his unique artistry is now being channelled through his own fashion label, titled after his namesake.

Karl Lagerfeld: The Brand

The Karl Lagerfeld brand is everything that he believes fashion should be; a collection of accessible clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories which have all been designed for the here and now. And as the famous designer once said:

Fashion is of the moment. The best thing that can happen to a dress is that it gets worn. Fashion isn’t about museum exhibits.

Wearability is key and that’s what we love about Karl Lagerfeld accessories. If you love this iconic designer, you will fall in love with his sunglasses collection. Designed to bold, stylish, totally wearable for every day and always ‘of the now’, the Karl Lagerfeld collection is a must for SS16.

karl lagerfeld sunglasses

He may have shot Cara Delevingne for Chanel but he chose catwalk cutie of the moment for his own campaigns, the ultra current and ultra trendy Kendall Jenner. The choice of using Kendall in his Karl Lagerfield eyewear campaign supports his fashion philosophy of embracing the now, and as he admits in his ‘Making of…’ photoshoot video that Kendall is “great, modern and the girl of the moment.”

The photoshoot’s simple concept is based in the studio; simple and totally free of gimmicks.  The finished campaign portrays Karl’s legendary love for simple, proven styles that work for everyone and we currently stock a number of key eyewear pieces online at Select Specs.

If you love Karl and his bold approach to accessible high fashion, take a look at some of our favourite shades for SS16.

From the Campaigns

karl lagerfeld kendall sunglasses

One of the leading campaign images from last year features the unisex Karl Lagerfeld KL869S sunglasses (available in 4 different colours) and the men’s Karl Lagerfeld KL235S sunglasses as worn by model Baptiste Giabiconi.

If you love fashion forward catwalk fashion, these styles are great for men and women.

kendall jenner sunglasses green

karl lagerfeld mens sunglasses

This year for the 2016 Karl Lagerfeld campaign, we see a focus on cateye sunglasses for women and aviator styles (like the Karl Lagerfeld KL235S seen above) for men. If you love the 60s inspired cateye sunglasses style for women, here are two simple yet stylish designs for the current season.

karl lagerfeld 2016 eyewear

The Karl Lagerfeld KL898S sunglasses, available in 3 colours:

Karl lagerfeld sunglasses cateye

The Karl Lagerfeld KL838S sunglasses, available in 7 colours:

cat eye karl lagerfeld

The Iconic Karl Glasses

karl lagerfeld iconic glasses

Karl Lagerfeld is never seen without sunglasses and over the years, the all black shades have become an iconic part of his instantly recognisable style. What’s great about this style of eyewear is that it’s seasonless and genderless so it’s extremely wearable for both men and women, anytime of the year.

We’ve got a pair online now which offer that famous all-black deep rectangular Karl Lagerfeld look and these shades have so much staying power so you’ll be able to rock them season after season, year after year. Get the Karl Lagerfeld KL863S sunglasses and choose from 4 different colours.

karl lagerfeld sunglasses uk

The Cute Cateye Sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses karl lagerfeld

As shared on the Karl Lagerfeld Facebook page, these cat’s eye sunglasses (available to buy in 3 cool colours) are a big hit in the KL headquarters! And just like the Karl Lagerfeld style philosophy, they’re very NOW!

Retro cateye shades are so of the moment and they’re a must-have for SS16! Get the look with the Karl Lagerfeld KL900S cateye sunglasses for women, available to buy now.

karl lagerfeld cat eye sunglasses

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