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The world can be a real jungle sometimes, but for Jon Favreau it seems life has really imitated art, or is that the other way around?

In recent times, the American actor has transformed into a filmmaker working on some of the most popular movies, including the epic all-singing all-dancing CGI film The Jungle Book.

The man behind Iron Man (and the not so snappy follow up Iron Man 2) has also graced our screen previously. He has featured in number of different films from Very Bad Things to tongue-in-cheek foodie film Chef.

But it is as a director where Favreau has been making waves most notable for The Jungle Book. Drawing inspiration from the classic tale by Rudyard Kipling’s collective stories, Favreau captures the essence of the tale.

His adaptation from the 1967 animated film recounts Mowgli’s adventures and voyage of self-discovery in the jungle. With assistance from his animal friends along the way, the orphan attempts to avoid the ever threatening presence of Shere Khan.

Since April 2016, The Jungle Book has taken an excess of $900 million at the box office. Ooh-bi-doo, I definitely wanna be like you!

However, for all of Favreau’s cinematic successes it’s his specs that jump out of the silver screen. The man behind the glasses is notorious for wearing an array of spectacular eyewear. We roundup our Top 5 fabulous Favreau glasses:

5. Ray-Ban RX5184


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Now Monsieur Favreau is a genuine fan of those thicker black framed specs. And we have the perfect pair when out and about on the red carpet – if you get the opportunity!

Considered to be one of the most popular designs of all time, Ray-Ban’s RX5184 New Wayfarer incorporates an every day appeal for those who are always on the go.

Classic lines is blended with a rather fetching rectangular outlook to these particular glasses. This line has been created in line with a host of face shapes and is currently available in three different sizes.

But wait there is so much more. Premium quality acetate which is highly durable makes a star appearance. On top of this thrown in the silver detailing close to the temples and signature logo to conclude a great set of specs.

4. Oakley Radarlock Path


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If we ever manage to discover summer in the UK, you can bet your bottom dollar, Jon Favreau would step out in these.

These super sporty sunnies were worn by Favreau in the 1999 film Couples Retreat. The Oakley Radarlock Path collection is for those genuine sports enthusiasts, not to mention wannabes!

What is so special is the fact that the polarised lenses include the Path shape and are available in either red or black, but can also be customised at Oakley. You don’t need to be a gambling man or woman to see the benefits of this optical eyewear.

3. Bulgari BV3021G


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If you really want to be King of the Swingers, then why not wrap your peepers around this beautiful pair of Bulgari glasses.

Make Shere Khan quake in his boots thanks to the sheer craftsmanship and sophistication of this model. Favreau does like square frames specs and these are the bees knees suitable for any after party.

They are available in either black or havana and are rounded off with the signature logo embossed on the arms. Now that does deserve a standing ovation.

2. Tag Heuer Legend Optic 9311


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As the late great David Bowie once proclaimed, we can be heroes – for one day anyway. The word legend often gets banded about all too often nowadays. You only need to turn on your telly box to see Big Brother residents patting their housemates declaring they are a real “ledge”

When it comes to cinematic legends however there are few and far between. But if you want to be a true legend, why not bag yourself these Tag Heuer Legend Optic 9311 smart specs.

The latter are certainly not the new kid on the block. Nevertheless, the craftsmanship of these square lensed specs are a joy to behold. With Tag’s signature detailing and a choice of colours, you’ll be shouting lights, camera action in no time.


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1.  Savannah P2249


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Do you want to be a Jungle VIP? Well you don’t have to have a VIP’s budget to pop on a pair of these Savannah P2249 on for size.

With different colours available, these glasses are a real head turner for their modest price and may land you that Hollywood role (warning: Hollywood role not guaranteed!)

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