Eye Health: Top Tips For Work & School

If you are a student, then you are most likely enjoying your summer holiday, and gearing up for a return to studies in September. If you are working, then perhaps you are on your summer break, or maybe you’re working the whole way through the season?

Either way, did you know just how damaging being at work or school can be for our eye health?

The combination of computer screens, long hours, presentations, and lectures can all have a detrimental effect on how our eyes work.

It is necessary to take several precautions to prevent headaches, tiredness, and your eye sight from deteriorating over time.

Keep reading to find out how to keep your eyes safe at work and school.

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Take Regular Breaks

It is important to remember that your eyes need to take a break from whatever they are doing.

Whether it is looking at a screen, reading, or building a wall, you need to allow your eyes to take a breather.

It isn’t just good for your eyes: it is good for your mental well-being too, and will ensure you return to your desk/seat/workplace refreshed.

So, just go to a cafe and have a chat with your colleagues over a cup of tea, or just take a walk around the block.

Try and take mini breaks if possible every hour, but if this isn’t possible then make sure you make the most of your lunch break.

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Get Your Eyes Tested Again

As a rule of thumb, your eyes should be tested at least every two years.

But, if you had an eye test more recently than this and you are still squinting or getting headaches, you need to get tested again.

Get tested before you go back to work or school to make sure you start the new year right.

Many opticians will have special offers on at this time too.

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Drink Water

Water is great for everything: it keeps your body hydrated and will keep you feeling fresh and more awake.

Water is an essential for eye health too – the eye ball is surrounded by a fluid which helps to keep dust and other particles at bay.

By drinking water, you will keep your eyes hydrated to ensure their essential functions are maintained.

Just keep a big bottle at your desk and sip from it every ten minutes or so.

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Make Sure Your Lenses Are Suitable

You need to make sure that the lenses in your glasses are actually suitable for the type of work you are doing, and your working environment.

For example, SelectSpecs offers Occupational Office Lenses, which are specifically designed for use in office environments.

They give the wearer a wider field of vision, reducing the need to lean forward when reading a screen or in a meeting, for example.

They also have a coating which reduces the glare coming off a screen.

Alternatively, you could choose to get single vision, progressive or a bifocal lens, depending on what you are doing.

Read here to find out more and find out which is suitable for you.

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