National Women’s Equality Day

Saturday the 26th of August is National Women’s Equality Day. It is the anniversary of the day when women were officially given the right to vote in the USA, due to the signing of the 19th Amendment in 1920 which altered the US Constitution forever.

This date completely altered the part that women played in society.

For the first time in the country’s history, women were viewed by the Constitution as equals.

For over 72 years women had campaigned for this simple right which many of us take for granted today.

Looking back over the previous 97 years, we can fully appreciate all the diverse and incredibly important ways women have contributed to the world we live in today.

Women have proven that they are indeed equal to men.

We have put together this guide to show just some of the most iconic women the world has seen over the last century.

All of these women wore glasses too, so take a look at how you can steal their style!

Eleanor Roosevelt

No matter what you do in life, your always going to get judged ! 😑

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Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady to her husband President D. Roosevelt and was a famous politician and activist within her own right.

She held various press conferences, wrote a newspaper column and spoke out about a wide range of matters.

Eleanor’s quotes have become famous worldwide, and are still used frequently to this day.

One of her key passions was women’s rights, and she worked hard by vocalising her opinions through the media, thus moving the women’s equality movement forward.

She was even elected as Chair of the UN’s Human Right Commission after her husband’s death.

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Jackie Kennedy

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Jackie Kennedy was another First Lady to her President husband John F. Kennedy.

She was famous for her impeccable trendsetting sense of style, her love of culture and architecture, and her work as a book editor after her husband’s assassination.

For example, she worked hard to help conserve New York’s greatest architectural buildings for which she received several awards.

She also got involved with numerous medical, sports and children’s groups and societies, to which she both raised their profiles and helped financially.

She even managed to start afresh after her husband’s traumatic death, launching a brand new successful career as an editor.

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Madonna hasn’t just had a super successful career in the music industry.

Through her music, she has pushed the boundaries and limits of women’s sexuality, breaking down stereotypes of how men and women ‘should’ behave.

She has also contributed greatly to numerous charities such as Amnesty International, Green Peace, Bid to Beat AIDS, and Children of Peace, amongst many others!

She has also created a fashion label, has written children’s books and created her own health clubs.

All this whilst also bringing up six children!

Madonna is a woman who proves it is possible to do it all.

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Malala Yousafzai

'Never believe you can't do something because you are a girl' —Malala

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At the young age of only 20, Malala has already had an incredible life.

She grew up in Pakistan and had always been an advocate for women’s education, by giving speeches and writing blogs.

However, in the Swat Valley region where Malala lived, the Taliban tried to ban girls from attending school at all.

She was shot by a Taliban gunman in 2012 on her way home from school but miraculously survived.

She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, becoming the youngest person to ever do so.

She opened a school for Syrian refugees in 2015, and continues to spread the word about women’s right to education, despite still being a target for the Taliban.

In 2017, she found out she had been awarded the grades in order to study at the University of Oxford, to read Politics, Philosophy and Ethics.

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Angelina Jolie


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Angelina Jolie has been famous for years for her extensive acting career, humanitarian efforts, and contributions towards society.

Having been in countless successful films, Angelina has also demonstrated her commitment to charity work having been elected as an ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

She has also set up the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation in Cambodia, named after her adopted son Maddox.

The aim of this foundation is to create peace in all communities, preserve the national forest, and improve opportunities for farmers and impoverished families to make a more substantial income.

She has also worked hard to help improve the opportunities and lives for women and girls all over the world and is a strong advocate for women’s equality.

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