Laser Eye Surgery: The Facts

When it comes to laser eye surgery, many people are still dubious of the process for one reason or another. Whether it be their perceived idea of what the results will be, the overall price of the procedure or they’ve heard a horror story of some description from a friend of a friend of a friend. The fact remains that despite huge leaps in technology and improvements in results, a lot of people are still wary of laser eye surgery. In most cases, this fear is unwarranted and will only dissuade people who could benefit greatly from getting the procedure done. No one wants to be the person who convinces their long-suffering friend not to get a procedure that practically cures them of their ailment, so, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of laser eye surgery.

What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Before we detail the benefits of laser eye surgery, we need to understand what it is and how it works. The most common form of laser eye surgery in Europe and the US is for correcting short-sightedness, otherwise known as myopia. There are other uses for laser eye surgery, but this particular correctional method is by far the most popular. The process involves removing the thin, transparent outer layer of the cornea to allow the laser to reach the layer below in order to reshape and correct any imperfections with it. Once the corrections have been made and the cornea reshaped, the outer layer is moved back into place and the eye’s healing stage can begin. I f someone’s eyes are particularly bad, they may need another round of surgery in order to get as close to perfect vision as they can. However, for most people, one round is enough to produce satisfactory results.

When Do You Need Laser Eye Surgery?

There are various times at which you could consider laser eye surgery. If you’re over the age of 20 and have a stable prescription, you should usually be considered as a candidate for the procedure. The reason for this is because, up until your late teens or sometimes older, your prescriptions are still changing. Once you’ve reached a point in your life where your prescriptions have stabilized for two years or more, you’re deemed fit for laser eye surgery. If you meet these criteria and are thinking about getting laser eye surgery, talk to people in the know about it and find out what routes may be best for you. Most laser eye surgery clinics will happily have you in for a consultation and go through their various plans with you, and usually under no-obligation circumstances.

What Are The Benefits?

Somewhat obvious, better vision is the main attraction of laser eye surgery for the majority of people. I’m yet to come across someone who indulges in this kind of surgery “recreationally.” There are, however, other benefits to laser eye surgery than just regaining a decent level of vision. Losing contact lenses, breaking glasses and changing prescriptions are all seen as somewhat of a hassle by those unfortunate enough to have to deal with them. With laser eye surgery, the operation will make a permanent change to your cornea and cannot be undone. This ensures that, once your eyes are functioning better, you won’t need to revert back to your glasses after a year or need to have more surgery. Another benefit of laser eye surgery is the recovery time involved. Most people are unaware how long it takes to recover from such an operation and it is easy to assume that, with a delicate organ such as the eye, it must be weeks. This is actually incorrect and most clinics will advise wearing a transparent eye guard for around three to five days while the eyes heal. If you’re not convinced of the benefits already, these Vista M208 glasses may be more up your street.

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Vista M208 glasses

Are There Any Risks Involved?

As with any kind of surgery, there are of course risks that come with laser eye surgery, however, with both technology and techniques constantly being improved, incidents from surgery that have gone wrong are a rarity. On those rare occasions where problems do occur, they are most likely to be one of several issues known to occur. These could include dry eye, a mostly temporary condition that occurs after surgery, but can become a longer-lasting issue over time if not addressed appropriately. Halos and sustained glare have also been reported after laser eye surgery, however, all patients will experience halos for a short time due to the internal fluid in their eyes after the operation. Once they’ve recovered and the fluid has cleared, these halos will usually disappear. Infection is, of course, always possible with any kind of operation, although it is the easiest to avoid as a patient. As long as you’re checking the reputation and cleanliness of any clinic you use, it shouldn’t be hard to avoid the risk of infection.

The Conclusion

So there we have it, a brief rundown of the benefits of laser eye surgery. If you’re looking to talk to someone about the procedure and find out more, one of the best ways to ensure you’re talking to experts is by asking eye surgeons where they go for their own treatment. You’ll often find that just a few clinics will rank above the rest when recommended by surgeons themselves. Once you know where you want to be going, look into the average cost of the surgery you’re looking to get. Ask friends and family that may have had similar procedures and get an idea of what you’ll be charged. This allows you to save up for a few months before your operation as many clinics ask for a deposit before your actual surgery. After this, whenever you feel ready, go and have a chat with a consultant and get yourself booked in. A 2005 study by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence found that the vast majority of patients (up to 90%) came away from surgery within one dioptre of perfect sight. Sounds like a pretty good reason to get it done to me.

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