Actor Jon Hamm: Style Diaries

Without Jon Hamm, Don Draper’s character from Mad Men would have been ordinary. The image of a business genius dressed in suits and surrounded by power and money is the audience’s perception of the actor.

In an article posted on, Hamm is praised for his exceptional fashion taste: No stranger to looking good in a suit—in fact, he basically built a career on it.

Nowadays, young kids need a sound role model, and being a Hollywood actor means you will have the responsibility to dress accordingly.

Jon Hamm is not only a star in terms of wearing suits and ties, but an expert in terms of sunglasses. If you recently had a blackout and you’ve got no fashion ideas, come along and check some useful tips from a ‘’mad man’.’

Classic Aviators

Being a guru at an ad agency is not easy, and Hamm had to deal with a complex character.

He was smashing and Don’s style is identical with his off-duty style. In this picture, the actor wears classic aviators. Cool and stylish as always, especially for a white shirt and a black tie.

A common style choice, the Ray-Ban RB3026 Aviator is considered a trademark of class.

Wayfarer Mania

It has been said that golf and tennis are sports for the high class, and the outfits require fine taste.

Mr. Hamm used the time machine and sequentially, the Wayfarers seemed to be the ideal choice. As we look at the above picture, the mind goes to Wimbledon and strawberries with cream.

His volley looks even better with the Ray-Ban RB2176 Clubmaster Folding lenses. Game, set and match, Don!


Ray-Ban Passion

It is important to mix elements in order to get spot-on results.

Jon Hamm is a big fan of tennis and doesn’t need a retro outfit to get the attention of the photographers. A Polo t-shirt, pair of long trousers and some Nike shoes look always good with some black Wayfarers.

In this case, the Ray-Ban RB2132 – New Wayfarer (Rubber) is the mixing piece in the jigsaw. Simple and discreet is easy.


Genuine Formal

Happy birthday Jon! #jonhamm

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If you ever dreamt of living the high life, and we know you have, Jon Hamm is one of the best fashion icons for a true gentleman.

Elegant is always intriguing; sunglasses are a secret weapon which can give you wings. Especially if they are Armani.

The Emporio Armani EA4029 sunnies are funky, retro and embody the arrogance of a suit. Grab it now for your gray suit and those shiny Oxford shoes.

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