Matching your Make-up to your Glasses!


Glasses can be the ultimate everyday accessory for girls and teamed with the right make-up you’re onto a winning combination!  With so many frames, colours and trends to choose from you can flick between different looks like a style chameleon or nail down your signature flair.

Here’s some tips to combine your makeup with your glasses so that you look your best both in and outside the office.

Black Frames


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Starting with the basics; if you’ve got any kind of frame in a solid black colour, like the simple yet elegant Infinity A2019 above, this means any colour lip or liner in your makeup arsenal will work, as long as you keep your eyeshadow neutral.

Eyeshadow which is too dark can make your eyes appear ‘bruised’ behind a set of lenses, whereas light or neutral shades will brighten and widen your eyes – remember this rule for all frames!

Shape Your Eyebrows to Frame Your Frames


It is a well-known fact among makeup artists that your eyebrows frame your face, so don’t neglect them! Knowing when to draw the line with brows is key and whilst thick, bold brows suit some, don’t go overboard when it comes to making them stand out.

For an everyday look, add definition wherever is needed and enhance what you already have; the best way to go about it is to use a matte eye shadow that compliments the undertones of your hair colouring. Eyebrow pencils are also an essential if you want a more distinct look, and the harder the formula of the pencil, the longer the staying power.

Coloured Frames


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If you own the retro style and have gone for a coloured frame like our Havana and Gold printed Hallmark F3019‘s above, you’ve already made a statement with your glasses so don’t over do it on the eyes.

Needless to say, it’s not advisable to go with any colour eye make-up which clashes with your frames (example: blue shades might not match brown frames, ewe no.)  Try and stay neutral but remember you can go a little darker than you can with black frames – opposite colours suit!

Applying Your Foundation and Powder


When applying your foundation, the thing you want to be certain of is that it’s going to stay in place and not smear on your glasses throughout the day. To ensure the durability of your base makeup, start by using a good moisturiser and primer to prepare your skin.

To create an airbrushed illusion to the face, apply your foundation with either a buffing brush or a damp beauty sponge and use a dabbing motion for the best effect. Now the trick to avoid it wearing off onto the glasses is to take a small piece of tissue and blot away any excess foundation, whilst concentrating around the bridge of the nose and around the eyes and then dusting over some setting powder.

This is a top tip for anyone, whether they wear glasses or not, as it ensures the longevity of the makeup. And let’s be honest, no one likes foundation marks on their clothes, especially when you’re wearing white!

Thick Frames


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Now forget about the colour of the frames and consider the different shapes and sizes they come in and suit.  Trends like geeky chic and nerdy-hipster have stuck around for a while now and that can only mean one thing: thick framed glasses!

Glasses like the Ray-Ban RX5184‘s are hugely popular for this look and applying your liner thicker and bolder can give you contrast in the right area.  Again, keeping all other eye makeup neutral and natural, a bold lip colour like red or pink could also serve you well.

Mascara and Eyelash Tips

Image from

Image from

Talking about eyes, lashes are the most significant part of any makeup application when you wear glasses, as it defines and helps create a more open look to the eyes.

Curling your eyelashes is one of the most useful tips. By positioning the eyelash curler right at the root of your lashes, you can create a lifted look whilst avoiding having your lashes annoyingly hitting your lenses.

After curling your lashes, applying mascara just to the root of your lashes also establishes the same effect by creating a doe-eyed look, whilst remaining hassle free with the lens situation.

For those that want to wear false lashes with their glasses, the best style option would be those that have more volume at the root rather than length. A shorter, flared lash will provide enough drama on the eyes without the annoyance of them bashing against your glasses.

Thin or Rimless Frames

Vista 7187 rimless prescription glasses

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Let’s not forget glasses with a delicate touch; because here you can be a little more creative than most other frames.

Take our Vista 7187 glasses for example, you have the freedom to go with most makeup looks which you can wear without glasses, but for more impact double-winged lines would look fantastic with this.

A Bold Lip or a Dramatic Eye


For a night out, opting for one or the other creates a more subtle impact with your makeup. If you choose a bold lip, neutral eye shadows or even none at all, with a winged liner or well-defined lashes will intensify your look. As with the opposite, if you choose a more dramatic smoky eye look, go for a nude lip, as to not overpower the eyes.

Long or Short Sighted?

Down to the practicalities in wearing glasses.  You may already know if you’re long sighted then your prescription glasses can magnify your eyes, whereas if you’re shortsighted your eyes actually appear smaller.

Answer to this? Simple – when your glasses make your eyes bigger think less is more and draw a fine, subtle line along the top. When eyes appear smaller then line your eyes all the way around to create a bigger, wider look.

Everyday Eye Makeup

For an everyday look, neutral, light reflective eye shadows help to create the illusion of larger and more open eyes. By applying either a colour correcting concealer or a lighter concealer than your skin tone to the underneath of your eyes, will help to highlight and accentuate behind the frames.

Who better design glasses for ladies than make-up guru Bobbi Brown? Read up on her glasses collection here.

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