Top Millennial Pink Glasses

Millennial pink was the runaway success of 2017 — from the catwalks to the high street, Instagram feeds were saturated with the pastel shade. 

Rose gold, watermelon pink, and dusty blush were surely its forebears, and yet millennial pink seemed to have sprung up out of nowhere.

Looking forward to SS18, it shows no sign of letting up just yet either! 

We shouldn’t be surprised by the popularity of this unassuming shade, though.

Accused by many of being ‘apathetic’, ‘delicate flowers’, and a generation of ‘snowflakes’, millennials have actually been showing up (and often showing their elders up!), for a long time now.

From tackling gender inequality to protesting political orders, young people have been at the front of demanding change and accepting new possibilities for identity and governance.

Millennial pink makes perfect sense in this context — since the early 20th century in western society, pink has been associated with girls, women, and femininity (before this pink was seen as a colour for boys).

With this has come connotations of daintiness, prettiness (pretty in pink) and fragility.

Today, to dress a baby boy in pink is still seen as scandalous by many — gender neutral baby clothing has tended to mean little girls wearing blue, rather than ‘tarnishing’ boys with a signifier of femininity.

And yet this generation sees things a little differently, open to the idea that possibilities for freedom, expression, health, and creativity are opened up when strict binaries are shattered.

So yes, millennial pink is pretty.

But it’s also testimony to the resilience of the younger generations, and the hope that they embody.

Want to try this pink but don’t know where to start?

Here are our fave specs in this standout shade.

Miu Miu MU 06PV

Miu Miu always delivers, and these gorgeous translucent-pink frames with white temple tips are no different.

The cat-eye style is right on trend, while the gold temples and white detailing add a retro twist.

Standout but not showy, we reckon these specs would be perfect for the office and evenings out alike.

Kate Spade MIRELE

Kate Spade is the designer du jour, and these ’50s-inspired specs are just the right mix of then and now.

The cat-eye shape and pastel shade bring back memories of Grease and all the fab fashion that went with it.

The glossy finish and gold detailing add a modern touch to these frames.

From special occasions to weekend shopping, make these your go-to glasses.


MaxMara Occhiali MM 1285

These glasses from MaxMara are on the dustier side of the millennial pink scale, and we just love them.

The thick frames and block colour add a seamless element to these specs.

Wear with some palazzo pants and a cold-shoulder top for an up-to-the-minute look.


Guess GU2586

Grab some rose-tinted glasses for a really modern look. They’re the perfect accessory to add a touch of glamour to workwear, and brighten up your office wardobe.

These rose gold frames from Guess are super sleek. With a semi-metallic finish, they’ll add edge to any outfit.

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