Miu Miu 2017 Eyewear Collection

This is for the girls or ladies who dream of a dressing accordingly for a stylish life. As we know fashion brands are the fingerprints of style and class, everything has to look accurate when composing an outfit.

No matter what fashion critics might say, Miu-Miu sunglasses are designed for a young and spot-on look.

Being the fearless rival of Prada, classic is overrated when it comes to this name, so beware of the range of choices as they might blow your mind.

A masterpiece for fashion lovers, these shades are ideal for summer holidays or for that ”out-of-the-ordinary” breakaway from rigid office style.

Big Frames

There is something special about these rectangular lenses and this magnificent pair of sunglasses.

The Miu Miu MU 01RS: Transparent and smokey, the mix of colors between orange, green and gray glitter generates a visual effect which is one of a kind.

As stated by the official website of Miu-Miu, this item has light gold metal bridge and temples and engraved Miu Miu lettering logo. 

If you have a plane ticket to Milan and you need a flight companion and a friend on the sunny streets of Lombardia, hit the buy button now that it’s hot.

Luxurious Cat-Eye


The Cat-Eye shades are the symbol of youth and beauty. So how about a fresh look with the Miu Miu MU 04SS?

With detailed attention to all the features of its design, it is just a pleasure to study the smoky lenses and the pearls on the sides.

Miumiu.com points out that this exquisite product is embellished by a luxurious combination of stones and mounted elements. 

Every color available for the frames is modern as you can choose from transparent azure, transparent lilac or light Havana. Pointless to say that will generate an authentic funky look.

Rainbow Aviators

You can’t say we didn’t warn you. This is not an article for the lovers of classic style.

Aviators are famous for their big lenses, modern design and easy-to-wear style. In the case of Miu Miu MU 53PS, there is a show on stage.

It is a playful combination of colors as dark gray, mirror blue and red become one single color. It is one of the best pairs of Miu Miu sunglasses for the extrovert and social fashion addicts.

Mark our words, this is your visa to excellence and you can’t be wrong if you cash out £182.40 to get your hands on this flamboyant pair of Aviators.

Masters of Cool


There is no chance you will be disappointed by these Cat-Eye shaped pair. It distances itself from the rest through its brass-tone metal frames as they represent the highlight of the product.

With an irregular shape, this can be the best option if you want to be the star of your group of friends.

Easily distinguishable because of its antique gold frames, the Miu Miu MU 55RS is THAT article which you can’t miss if you aim for a remarkable Cat-Eye look.

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