Miu Miu’s Subjective Reality for Fall 2015


Italian fashion house Miu Miu has joined forces with professional photographer Steven Meisel to create their advertising campaign for Fall/Winter 2015, appropriately named Subjective Reality.

The world of fashion moves forward so quickly it’s no wonder they’ve decided to shoot a campaign for the upcoming season, although the summer has barely begun!


Up and coming actresses Maddison Brown, Hailey Gates, Mia Goth and Stacy Martin wear Miu Miu’s colourful, youthful and sometimes rebellious designs, against a backdrop of a thousand stories and unrepeatable destinies that can only happen in a city like New York- all great contributions in making these fantastic pics!

Steven Meisel’s vision created a more authentic and engaged feel, compared to typical artificial conditions of the studio – much like how Moschino’s Fall/Winter Campaign with Katy Perry has also been shot.

In addition to the breath-taking outfits, the unmistakable design of Miu Miu eyewear was added, helping the campaign to become incomparable.


The cut off lens design Maddison Brown and Hailey Gates wore is a common feature in Miu Miu eyewear (such as the Miu Miu’s MU 11OS model below.)  Love it or hate it, it’s unapologetically retro and doesn’t show any sign of leaving the brand’s collection anytime soon.

Miu Miu MU 110S Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

The originality and innovative design are traits worth mentioning, mostly due to its eye-catching semi-rimless frame and gradient lenses, producing a distinctive vintage combination that simply screams: “The ‘70s are back!”

And much like the ’70s, Miu Miu has a love for anything oversized and rectangular, designed in a way to breathe sophistication and retro elegance.


It appears Miu Miu are evolving from their hexagon, but still very popular, sunglasses like the MU 06OS. Although similar colours, like the sand beige and havana grey, are staying, probably due to their strong association to that classic but edgy look.

Miu Miu 06OS Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

Some other features are also remaining, such as the thin arm and thick frame contrast below, not far different than the already much loved MU 10NS model.


Although the model doesn’t lack a necessary dose of bold, it also maintains the overall classic look.

Miu Miu MU 10NS Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

We can’t wait to get our hands on their new collection, but waiting in the meanwhile, our current range of Miu Miu shades will keep us going and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – everyone’s reality is subjective and we can tailor it the way we want it to be, right?

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