10 Fashion Items That Will Never Go Out Of Style

There are certain wardrobe staples every woman needs.

Trends change every season, but these 10 pieces will last you for years and become classics you cherish in no time.

Instant vintage.

The Trenchcoat

Belted, beige and beautiful.

Throw a trench over a T-shirt and jeans or a fancy dress, dress it up or down, wear it open or buttoned up, in summer showers or autumn rain.

It is key to find one that fits you well and is of quality material and you will look chic for decades.

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Dark Wash Skinny Denim

The perfect skinny jeans are hard to find, so when you find your favourite pair, buy them in every denim wash available.

But there is nothing quite like dark wash skinnies; they can take you from casual daytime to a dressier evening with a change of accessories and a pair of heels.

Try a classic pair with no distressing and less of an Elastane content for sturdier, more durable jeans.

There is such a thing as too tight; go for fitted instead.

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A White Tee

This may seem like a no brainer, but not everybody owns a white T-shirt.

Think plain white, at least some cotton content, maybe a pocket for some interest, but otherwise a simple, no fuss, white tee.

Compatible with literally anything, under and over clothes as well as on their own with a pair of jeans or a flirty floral skirt.

The fit is up to you, go for fitted or loose and flowy, totally your call.

You’ll be amazed how much wear you get out of this staple.

Remember to refresh your white T-shirt stash when they start to yellow or adopt a grey-ish hue.

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Nude Heels

Nude heels are magical, they elongate legs, while going with everything.

Patent leather pumps are a great choice, in the heel length of your choice.

Wedges are a fun summer option too.

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Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

A classic that will never go out of style, and complements all complexions equally: think tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Choose the best shape for your face, and go for quality, to last a lifetime.

Below are several options, depending on your personal styles, and face shape.

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A Blazer or Leather Jacket

Whether you prefer business chic, put together attire, or a more edgy or casual feel, your ideal choices are the blazer, leather jacket and jean jacket respectively.

Best for a chill in the air come evening time, or a cover up option if you aren’t comfortable with showing skin.

All options can be dressed up or down.

A leather jacket with a chiffon blouse is an unexpected pairing that is both interesting and personalized.

Stick with neutral shades and you’re all set.

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A Little Black Dress

The ever popular, little black dress, which doesn’t have to be that little, mind, is a classic for a reason.

Keep it toned down, or bring in pops of colour or print with accessories.

The silhouette is what really makes this piece, try a fit and flair for a sixties vibe that is flattering to nearly all body types, or go with a bandage dress if you are feeling daring.

The options are endless, but as with all classics, quality and fit are key.

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A Striped Shirt

Whether you go with an off the shoulder trend or not, a striped shirt is a versatile and crucial item in any wardrobe.

Crisp white, while still essential, lacks the interest that this piece has, go for vertically striped in maroon or navy for the most usable and flattering look.

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Tailored Neutral Pants

Well fitted, in a shade or print that matches most top choices, houndstooth and leopard print are great options, as are camel and navy.

Ties at the waist are a great touch, high waisted options are flattering on everyone.

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Pearl Earrings

Jewelry has the ability to add interest or personalize any outfit, and pearl earrings are the understated classic, that is not going out of style anytime soon.

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