New Trend: Sunglasses at Night?


Is it just us or does it seems not too long ago when there were strict social rules about when and where it was appropriate to wear sunglasses?

For instance, using them during any other season apart from the summer, or even in summer but indoors, could have labeled you as a social outcast, or someone who is desperately trying to draw attention to themselves.

Well looks like the times are a-changing, today we’re more open to experiment and acceptance of one’s need to express their personality in the most diverse ways, including sunglasses.

Like it or not, we have much to thank celebrities for that, for they are the bold ones who push the borders for the rest of us. Taylor Swift is a prime example.

This young superstar has recently held not one, but several concerts with sunglasses on.

Sure, you can say; oh she can get away with it whilst she’s performing – everything’s allowed on stage; but what about Jaime Foxx, caught casually visiting night clubs with his shades firmly on?

Lewis Hamilton, a man of many shades, also finds it hard to take them off when he was caught leaving a nightclub.

Perhaps the odd is ordinary for Lady Gaga and we’ve definitely grown used to her wild style choices, our point remains though when she was spotted wearing sunglasses to a recent awards show.

Even Kristen Stewart is up to it, keeping it extra casual in her grey vest top and circular sunnies.

Are we slowly removing the boundaries when it comes to sunglasses’ practicality? We sure hope that’s the case! For there is no reason not to wear your favourite pair of eyewear whenever you want!

Amber Rose is definitely one celebrity that is hardly seen without sunglasses, particularly during night time events.

If you’re willing to take part in this growing trend then we would like to suggest a few things.  First of all – don’t choose shades with too dark lenses.  It’s already dim outside when night falls and not being able to see where you’re going is a health and safety risk!  Let that be a warning to you.

Why not mix things up with one of Polaroid’s Rainbow collection, with five different colours to chose from?  We like the pink PLD 6009/N M’s.


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Secondly, why not lead by Amber Rose’s example.  White rim sunglasses are currently big in the fashion industry and don’t look as obvious you’re wearing a day time item in a night time environment.  In fact, these MARC BY MARC JACOBS MMJ 369/S could add a bit of summer when the sun’s down.


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Last but not least, funky models are bound to get some compliments from passing admirers.  This pair by MAX&CO 260/S are bright, contemporary and currently on sale too!


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Want some better options?  Feel free to explore our site that boasts hundreds of models from a variety of brands.  Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us – would you wear sunglasses at night?

Images credit: Instagram and Getty.

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