Mont Blanc’s New Retro Collection

Mont Blanc is the huge name in German luxury goods, with a tradition longer than 100 years. The company made their name in manufacturing high-quality writing utensils, which soon spread its interest into other goods, such as watches, leather accessories, and, luckily for us, sunglasses!

Just a few days ago, a new collection of Mont Blanc’s shades were released and here’s a short preview of what the new models look like:

Our new #Montblanc #eyewear colletion is here! Pick your favorite and tell us in the comments

A video posted by Montblanc (@montblanc) on Aug 6, 2015 at 5:06am PDT

The new collection also features some limited-edition models that come with a unique monocle either attached to the rims or threaded onto the sunglasses’ leather strap.

There’s only 100 pieces available and they’ll also be engraved with a serial number. No doubt a luxury item, but luckily for you we’ve decided before the new shades come in we’re knocking a few frames down in price that’s worth a closer look.

  Not without my sunglasses. Explore our new #Montblanc eyewear colletion on Instagram!   A photo posted by Montblanc (@montblanc) on Aug 5, 2015 at 1:53am PDT

Mon Blanc is perhaps best known for their metal shades and embody a unique and diverse aviator-style. Mont Blanc MB463S is one of the cornerstones of such fashion. Utterly masculine, these shades will make you feel powerful, yet classy and once you put them on, you’ll find it hard to get separated from them. If you’re a more traditional type, try the greyish model, but if you really want to be fashion-forward, opt for the golden-brown rims and you’ll never stay unnoticed.


But Mont Blanc are not a male-only brand, if you’re a lady in search for this season’s perfect pair of shades, we suggest Mont Blanc MB505S. The specification says this model is also suitable for men, though, thus making it a universal piece you can borrow from and share with all your friends! White rims are all the rage this season, and oval lenses are slowly coming back. Do you really need any more convincing to try them out?


Finally, here’s another model that everyone is crazy about this summer – the horn-rimmed sunnies!  If you ask us, Mont Blanc MB515S is also suitable for men and women.


To get introduced with the rest of our Mont Blanc offer, please visit our site and find exquisite pieces of eyewear at a reasonable price. And don’t forget to tell us what your favourite pick is!