New Year, New You: Minimalist Style

Everyone wants to start the new year with a fresh new look, upgraded attitude for reaching goals and improved lifestyle.

But when history tends to repeat itself, we sometimes fallback on our grand visions. Without throwing away history, we can improve upon our previous foundation and create a whole new vibe for the coming year.

With fashion, we can also preserve the old and make it look brand new by concocting fresh styles for the new year. The fashion industry is always pushing boundaries and finding new ways to rock your wardrobe.

It may be February already, but the time is never too late to reinvent yourself and create a brand new persona to match your newfound goals.

A current trend in 2017 that seems to be continuously returning to the fashion scene is Minimalism. One of the best ways to boost your inner confidence is through looking classic and fresh. Your appearance has the ability to affect your mindset and vice versa.

Minimalist simplicity and clear cut fabrics portray a mature and natural look.

Using limited accessories and a small range of colours is a sophisticated & must have look for the spring frost. Unclutter your style and closet to keep your favourite clothing and accessories at hand.

Minimalism had an original breakthrough in the 1940’s and early 50’s within the post wartime era. The style was born out of rationing materials and styles that were more utilitarian. Yet, somehow, this trend always returns to the fashion front.

The 60’s brought on a twist to the trend with simple shapes and shift dresses.

The 80’s introduced androgynous & gender ambiguous designs through Japanese designers such as Yohji Yamamoto.

The 90’s embraced Calvin Klein and his American Minimalism – think knee length skirts and clothes fitted to the slimmer frames. Yves Saint Laurent paid homage to the look in their Autumn/ Winter 2008 collection with the motto “Less is More.”

In 2010 Vogue described minimalism as “simplicity and luxury combined for an elegant effect: a the new paired-down chic.” These clothes are anything but attention-grabbing, and that’s where their beauty lies.

Historical fashion always reinvents itself, and we have seen many styles come and go through the years, each time with a new modern touch.

Singers such as Xia and Solange remind us that feminine shapes do not have to bear all. With the weather still rather crisp, it can be comforting to know that covering-up is the new sexy. Forget less is more, “more is enough!”
Minimalism is back in 2017 as a re-emerging femininity. For inspiration, take a look at designers such as Phoebe Philo for a new way to express your inner Woman in a different light.

To steal this style at a high street price, look to Zara, Massimo Dutti and Mango (all crowd favourites). These stores are very much affordable whilst emulating high fashion & elegance.

Start this year with some simple chic. Try scrolling through to find the perfect pair of eyewear to match your new statement look in 2017.

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