Non-Spooky Halloween Fancy Dress for Glasses Wearers

non scary halloween costumes glasses wearers

Love Halloween? Love fancy dress? Love a party? But hate the sticky fake blood that comes with all the soirees of this scary season?

If you have no time for fiddling around with latex and paints, or you’ve exhausted every living dead/zombie inspired fancy dress possible, it may be time to get away from the gore. Not every Halloween outfit needs to be scary. And here we have some the best non-spooky Halloween fancy dress ideas suitable for glasses wearers…

So you won’t have to ditch the specs and stumble around with blurry vision at your upcoming party. And you won’t have to spend days scrubbing away blood-red stains or latex glue after the party dies down! Take a look at our spectacle friendly and non-gory fancy dress costumes for Halloween 2017!

1. Where’s Wally Fancy Dress

The great thing about Where’s Wally (or Waldo) is that it’s a unisex costume. One that can be worn for fancy dress events all year round. It’s also extremely easy to put together, with a plain white t-shirt plus some fabric paint and masking tape to create the iconic red stripes.

Hair and makeup for women can be kept minimal, and a pair of jeans will complete your look. Any black specs will do but for maximum Wally effect, try these Savannah P2375 frames for just £12.00 from our Savannah collection.

where's wally glasses where's waldo

Savannah P2375



2. Harry Potter Makeup and Costume

That’s right – an adult Harry Potter fancy dress costume and also unisex. Lifestyle and beauty blogger Lucy Zhang (MissPixieLulu) shows us how it’s done.

All you need is a white shirt, a wizard’s cape (optional) and a classic Hogwarts tie or scarf. Any old twig foraged from your garden will do as the wand and the cool contouring tips for Lucy will help you get the classic Harry look! It’s all very clever! Just don’t forget your nerdy specs…

Harry Potter glasses fancy dress

Infinity P77333


3. Spongebob Inspired Face & Body Makeup

This Spongebob face and body tutorial by Youtuber Olivia DeHart is so adorable! If you wear glasses, this is the perfect fancy dress idea for you this Halloween. Even better if your specs are thick and black like Spongebob’s – all the more convincing.

But what we really love about this super easy step-by-step painted-on costume, is that it works just as well without glasses. So you can swap them for contacts if you prefer. For the ultimate Spongebob look, get these Savannah 2444 frames, a total steal for just £12.00 (including lenses).

Spongebob glasses

Savannah 2444


4. Velma (and Daphne) Fancy Dress

Scooby Doo fans need to hit the Scooby van pronto! If you’re a four-eyed beauty with a bestie who wants to be matching, coordinate your looks with this Velma and Daphne fancy dress video.

The makeup for Velma is nice and basic, a bright orange jumper (essential) will help you channel authentic Velma vibes, and a wig (optional) will add that finishing touch to earn you extra Scooby snacks. Plus these Infinity 1856 prescription glasses in black are the ultimate Velma-esque frames – and they’re comfortable and lightweight to wear too. At just £13.00 (with free lenses), they won’t break the bank…

velma fancy dress glasses

Infinity 1856


For more Halloweek fun check out the post from yesterday with loads of makeup ideas for glasses wearers!

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