Polaroid’s Polarized Summer


Your long-expected vacation is finally here, you head to the beach to enjoy a refreshing cocktail (or maybe two because after all, you derserve it,) summer hits are playing in the background and there’s the perfect spot waiting for you at the beach bar – let the fiesta begin!

A summer romance could be on the horizon, but hold on, something’s missing – the sun is glaring right at you, you can’t see a thing – and that’s the moment, you realise you’ve forgot to pack a pair of sunglasses!

Polaroid predicted this might happen, making their short campaign even funnier because how we could all relate, watch it here:

They’re sticking to their proven polarized lens formula which is an absolute win this season, or any season in fact.

Polarized lenses dramatically reduce the glare of the sun, especially in those moments when you need it most.  Sunlight reflects of many surfaces you might encounter whilst on holiday, like the sand and sea.  Whilst non-polarized lenses may make this darker, it doesn’t block it completely.


Taken from polaroideyewear.com

And with the skills of the experienced filmmakers, Polaroid is inviting us to see for ourselves that summer is made of truly magical memories where owning a pair of shades makes it all the more comfortable.

Here at Selectspecs, you’ll find plenty of Polaroid frames which won’t be too heavy on your wallet – especially during the holiday season when you have other expenses to worry about! Our current favourite are this P8400 cool crystal/gray frame: Polaroid P8400 Sunglasses at SelectSpecs Luckily for all those that prefer rounder frames and anything with a dash of retro, Polaroid are not locked in the past; there’s these awesomely designed PLD 6013/S model, which comes in four different colour combos. Polaroid PLD 6013/S Sunglasses Their short and effective slogan “You’ll see,” which is true since we’re definitely seeing clearer now we don’t have the sun glaring at us.

We’re already in June and we’re definitely feeling summer vibes with intense colours and rich scents. Get the best sensation of summer with a pair of Polaroid sunglasses and tell us what you see.

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