Portugal Travel Tips Through The Eyes of a Local

Our favourite time of the year is finally approaching: SUMMER! The best time to unveil skin, take out your shades, wear dresses, beach wear and sandals.

Of course, the feeling of summer is then concluded when at the beach. So, why not plan your next well-deserved holiday away from the routine and the gloomy weather at home, and chose Portugal as your next destination?

I believe there is a lot of advice on places to visit on the net, such as Lisbon, Porto and Faro as the three main places worth a visit.

I will not neglect their magical impact on first (and second, and third) time visitors.

But personally as a Portuguese resident, I believe to be able to give you the local insiders to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Costa da Caparica

At first sight this plain-looking fisher’s village seems to be colourless and rather dull, however for the Lisbon beach lovers and surfers it is paradise on earth.

Just 20 minutes South from Lisbon crossing the astonishing bridge 25 de Abril, Costa da Caparica offers a vast beach with plenty of space with a laid-back atmosphere.

Not too far away from the hectic busy big city life but far enough to find peace.

In Costa, as the locals call it, you can find affordable local tasty food, several surf shops to stock up on your beach wardrobe, and recommendable lodges, such as the Kuta Beach House in the town centre, or the newly opened Themagnetprojects.

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What looks like a Caribbean retreat is a Portuguese bay full of wonders. A snorkeling expedition is an activity I would highly recommend.

The waters are crystal clear, especially eye-catching when the sun rays reach down to the bottom and the underwater world becomes reminiscence to Monet’s Water Lilies.

However, to get to this secret little spot you will have to bring solid hiking shoes. But no worries the journey is a short one to Praia da Riviera do Cavalo.

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Another place you would not believe to be located in Europe. The peninsula of Troia is around 1 hour and half away from Lisbon by car and ferry.

The Design Hotel of Troia is an astonishing luxurious hotel with swimming pool with a breathtaking sea view.

For those who would rather save their money, I would recommend to spend a night in a tent under the stars and wake up to the ocean breeze.

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Another small fisher’s town, however awe-inspiring in beauty.

According to the locals, the municipality agreed on all house owners in the town centre to follow certain outdoors painting and decorating regulations in order to maintain its alluring magic.

Ericeira offers for all sort of visitors a pleasant stay. The Elemental Ericeira Guesthouse is run by a charming young German couple and a food starting point for your visit.

This greatly comfortable guest house is close-located to Foz do Lizandro. A great place to forget about the duties back home.

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So go fast, pack you favourites shades ( you will need them regarding all the sun that will be expecting you in Portugal), book your next flight and discover Portugal’s hidden gems. Have a blast!


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