Prada Spring/Summer ’17 Eyewear

A brand that represents the best of Italian culture and tradition.  Prada is one of the most innovative, prestigious and recognized brands in the world of fashion and luxury, with focus on detail and new trends.

The Prada eyewear collection reflects this blend with unmistakable style, refined elegance and unmatchable quality. 

Prada eyewear is characterized not only by the brand’s high quality standards, but for a forward thinking approach to style.

Women looking for a nonconventional interpretation of fashion that embraces modern trends while staying faithful to tradition, need look no further than Prada’s new line of women’s eyewear.

The  new eyewear fashion movie called Prada Cinéma, presents a deceptively simple story of a day at the cinema.

But what seems like an ordinary evasion gives way to an unexpected plot. The film visually evokes the pleasure of going to the cinema, with a delicate film of metaphors, unusual moments and surreal tricks.

Perfectly describing, in the most glamorous way, the beautiful experience of watching a movie. Let’s have a look at these new fab sunglasses.

Let The Movie Begin

A jewelry bag full of colored glass marbles. A sophisticated dress with marabou detail and matching slippers. Round oversized  60’s divas glasses and the doors of the cinema wide open.

These items mark the surreal journey of the protagonist who will be looking at the big screen while hypnotized by the cinematic experience.

A film dedicated to the new Spring Summer 2017 Prada Cinéma eyewear collection, announced as “a tribute to film evasion and its transformational fantasies.”

The protagonist is interpreted by model Giedre Dukauskaite, who is refined and glamorous during the movie, wearing a pair of the new Prada PR 50TS cinematic sunglasses.

Prada 2017 sunglasses

The new Prada Cinéma women’s eyewear collection is distinguished by the stylistic blend of sophisticated elegance and contemporary details.

A collection with heavily influenced by the 1960s, reinterpreting the classic round shape with a modern touch.

Prada 2017

A successful mix of youthful style, elegance and luxury, which is the trademark of Prada.

Leveraging innovative design and the latest technology to produce a style that is contemporary and unique, but at the same time with a vintage edge.

 The color palette includes a wide variety of color combinations, from the classic black and the many shades of the turtle (Prada PR 50TS),classic, medium, orchid, to the new colors coming from the delicate nuances of crystal nude, crystal water and crystal blue.

Blue sunglasses Prada

Prada glasses are among the most coloured, shiny and eccentric. They often anticipate and influence future tendencies: from sophisticated designs to vintage models proposed in different, original nuances.

A great collection for those who like to flaunt aristocratical elegance.

Prada PR 50TS
Prada cinema eyewear 2017

The large front in acetate has a thicknesses highlighted by the bright metal top profile.

The iconic metal rods, the key theme of the Prada Cinéma collection, are creatively combined with acetate terminals.

Prada PR 50TS

Prada cinema eyewear 2017

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