What Dress To Wear For Prom 2017

Looking for a Prom Dress for that special night? It’s that time of year where exam season is in full swing and the end of the school year is within reaching distance. If you’re looking forward to that end of year party or Prom night, but you don’t know what to wear then we’ve got you covered.

Are you unsure as to what style is hot and what style is not? Do you need some inspiration?

We’ve browsed the web and have rounded up some of the must have styles, so you can look super glamorous and fierce on that special night.

The Lace Dress

Lace is a beautiful material that looks effortless and classy. It’s a timeless style, so there’s no doubt about if you’re going to look like a princess or not.

Choosing more feminine colours like pink will look perfect during the spring/summer months.

With hundreds of different types of lace dresses around, from high street to designer, you will find the perfect dress that makes you feel like the belle of the ball.

V Necks

If you pay as much attention to the all the star studded premieres and awards shows, then you’ll know that deep v necks are in fashion.

Of course, this style may not be suitable for a school event, so we suggest finding a dress with a high v neck, rather than the deep one we’ve seen on all the celebs.

The peek of skin is super sexy, but still adhering to school rules. Adding some accessories like a necklace will make the chest area feel less bare if you’re self conscious or feel you need to add a little something.

The Full-On Ball Gown

#AishwaryaRai wearing #RalphandRusso 👍🏼 or 👎🏼? ♥️🌹 #Cannes #Cannes2017

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Fans of American Movies know that when Prom rolls around, they go all out.

From the ‘promposal,’ to the transportation, everything is super grand. Which is why it’s no surprise that in many of the movies, Prom dresses seem to have the motto, ‘the bigger, the better.’

We’re talking about ball gowns – full blown of floor length skirts. This style is the perfect dress. No doubt, this dress will make you feel like the prettiest person in the room.

The Sparkly Dress

Channeling serene couture vibes this Sunday night #BirthOfLight

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Is there a better occasion to wear glitter and sparkles than Prom?

Of course, we think you can wear glitter and shine all day everyday, but it’s occasions like Prom where you want to really shine. It’s where you really want to be a glowing star of the show.

Metallics and shiny pieces are synonymous for glitz and glamour, so this is the perfect style to make you feel like a Hollywood Queen.

The Monochrome Dress

Last night in the limelight…

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A lot of people say that black and white are boring colours. But we think that they are classic, sophisticated and easy colours to wear.

They not only flatter all shapes, colours and sizes, but also match other colours in terms of accessories. So, you might want to go simple for your dress, but bold on your accessories.

Speaking of accessories, if you’re lucky enough to have your prom on a sunny day, try to avoid ruining your make up with all that squinting.

Why not pair your prom dress with some sunnies? These Dior ones will make you the star of the ball.


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