Affordable Shopping Online For Pretty Prescription Glasses

When you are looking for affordable prescription glasses with luxury appeal, some brands to consider are Pineapple Eyewear,  CAPELLO and Unvio Base.

CAPELLO and Unvio Base are a SelectSpecs brand.

Pineapple Eyewear is a British label co-founded by Debbie Moore – also the founder of Pineapple Dance Studios and Louie Spence. The eyewear range is the latest addition to the famous Pineapple Dance Studio also known as the ‘mecca for dancers.’

On the whole, these spectacles are fun, stylish, smart, and sophisticated with on-trend designs to meet the optical requirements of those on a budget.

The main features of these brands are the use of feminine hues such as chocolate brown, lilac and pink with a stenciled effect or cut out design decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Also, if you are looking for colour blocking designs: go with Unvio Base. If you like dainty looking spectacles, how about CAPELLO?

It’s no wonder that their target audience falls within the ages of 16 and 25.  A bonus for young adults and teenagers alike in need of prescription glasses with a feminine touch.

Every piece from the range is different – some are loud, and others are more on the subtle side.

Altogether, their products give off a feeling of smart and sophisticated.

The price ranges between £27.62 and £41.96, so they’ve considered affordability as a pull factor for the target market.

Also, you can’t help but to compare some of the lenses to having Versace-esque vibes, while not forgetting the bright and eye catching feminine colours.

Pineapple Eyewear


Different from the standard traditional temples, this eyewear comes with stenciled design. You’ll also notice the subtle sprinkling of diamond details that appeal to lovers of feminine looking optical eyewear.

With a predominantly gunmetal colour and hint of pale blue, it’s a win-win for those that don’t want pink, but still want to look feminine with their choice of eyewear.

Black & Pink

When it comes to you buying prescription glasses, singular colors may not be your thing.  An infusion of colors can make it work for your personal style.

Here enters, the black & pink glasses featuring sweet pink around the rims and bridge.

The thick temples are covered in solid black with a dash of a splattered effect in white and shell-pink. Perfect for those that want glasses as an accurate reflection of personality and aren’t afraid to show it.



Feeding off from the Pineapple eyewear range, CAPELLO comes across as more suitable for those wanting streamlined frames, nothing oversized or too excessive with embellishments.

They like seeing beautiful detailing on the temples like the lattice effect. Where possible, the wearer prefers single colour designs over multiple colour combinations. The same style is available in pink and gold.

Unvio Base

When your style theme is living vibrantly through your choice of accessories, you know you have Unvio Base to rely on.

Ideal for those that want glasses that’s a real indication of who they are –  deep-coloured, simple with no extra fuss such as studs or gemstones.

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