Trend Watch: New Wave Aviators

Aviator framed sunglasses have been a long standing, ever-returning trend of the fashion industry. Just as you think no one will wear them again, someone brings them back in bigger shapes, different coloured lenses and extreme mirror styles. The style is one that constantly evolves while remaining true to it’s traditional shape and style, if not true to its original roots and cause for invention.

Aviators were first invented by Bausch & Lomb in 1936, under the name ‘Pilot’s Glasses,’ designed literally for pilots.

They quickly spread into other professions such as the police force – think the classic American cop mirrored shades – and into popular culture.

The style has since become nothing short of iconic, with brands such as Ray-Ban creating hundreds of different styles over the years, ranging from the classic mirrored lenses, to on trend coloured and tinted ones.

An Ever Evolving Trend

However somewhere along the line, in recent months in particular, the trend diverted in a slightly different direction, possibly going backwards a very, very long way.

The aviator glasses we know and love had somewhat of a make over, make under, we’re not sure.

Gone are the character forming mirrored and tinted lenses of the past, and in their place are the clear lenses we so often associate with our prescription eyeglasses needs of the even further past.

However the major and most puzzling difference seems to be the fact that the prescription is absent too.

The trend we have seen emerging and peaking to the point where it even became a snapchat filter, is oversized, clear lensed aviators worn for no other reason than to fulfill a fashion trend and take retro trends to a whole new level.

Despite the baffling nature of this trend, it has been seen across the most famous of faces including numerous members of the Kardashian family, blogger Chiara Ferragni and actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

KoKo K.

While we can’t help but suspect that the majority of the famous faces rocking these frames are not using them for prescription purposes, there are plenty of people who are.

SelectSpecs stock the classic Ray-Ban aviator frame style with the possibility to have prescription lenses put in, ticking the trend and practicality boxes all in one go.

Ray-Ban, £80.02

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Classic Gold

We can’t help but think this is one of those trends which is likely to be a fleeting one, and when prescriptions are involved, it is a lot of effort.

Why not stick to the long standing, and more importantly original and practical trend of the classic aviator sunglasses.

You can’t go wrong with a classic golden frame and subtle brown lenses, or perhaps push the boundaries with a bold mirrored effect pair.

Try the classic Ray-Ban aviator style for summer that is sure to remain a timeless choice year after year.
Ray-Ban, £93.96

Enjoy having stars in your eyes with these head-turning Givenchy aviators. The silver frames are a nod to the classic design, while the contrasting black frames and start detail add a modern edge.

Givenchy, £199.92

Intensify that summer tan with these Golden Michael Kors frames. The subtle shade is sure to suit and flatter any skin tone.

Michael Kors, £125.30

However you choose to wear your aviator sunglasses, and no matter how far the trend may have come from its practical origins, lets not forget the original patron of this particular brand, or likely none branded style of eyewear.

None other than The Office’s Dwight Schrute.

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