How To Make Your Glasses Last Longer

Agh! It’s been such a long day and you just can’t wait to remove your glasses from your face. As a result, you’ve become more frantic and your first reaction when you get home is to pull them straight off in an instance and soon after, leave them on the nearest surface that you can find.

Stop! This might not be ideal.

Rashness can cost you a hefty amount in terms of needing replacement lenses or even having them repaired.

Living a busy lifestyle and wearing specs is not easy. You’ve already got a number of items to fit in to your bag or brief case.

But what is the ideal way of keeping your specs secure?

If you are preoccupied with multiple activities during the day, don’t despair, as there are many ways to overcome these hurdles.

1. Technology

Technology can upgrade your specs, so why not invest in a Smart clip, which will easily clip on to the frame’s arms.

This clever little device connects to Bluetooth on your phone, which will then alert you by beeping if you have misplaced your specs.

It will then conveniently locate your specs. It’s so handy!

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2. Attach a Chain

Avoid leaving them over your head or in the bathroom. Try attaching a chain to the arms of your specs instead. This chain can hand around your neck in case you need spec break.

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3. Have Some Time Out

Give your eyes a rest if you are feeling a bit tired and keep them in their case if not intending to wear them for a long period of time.

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4. Wearing Glasses in Bed

It’s tempting to read your bestseller, your Kindle or tablet in bed then suddenly dose off. If this is likely, perhaps you should consider reading before bedtime and avoid leaving your glasses on when going to bed. Alternatively, place them on a hard solid surface, for example, a shelf or a bedside cabinet.

Looking for specs? Try the pair below:

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5. Try Wearing Contacts

Wear contacts for sports to avoid irritation and damage to your specs if uncomfortable.

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6. Handle Rimless Glasses With Care

Rimless glasses are particularly delicate and flexible. Great care is required when handling them.

When not in use, make sure the arms are in the triangle position before placing them in their case in order to maintain their shape. If not they will fall out of shape.

Place them on your face by gripping both ear ends and always keep the triangle in place.

The beauty of wearing these types of glasses is that they can be reused over again when your next eye examination is due without compensating focus. They are highly recommended by opticians for varifocal lenses.

Do you want to hold on to your specs for longer? Keeping them secure is the best way and make sure they are properly fitted. Taking these simple steps will make your life easier.

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