Fashion Via Resident Evil Video Game Characters

Resident Evil aka Biohazard is one of the most popular survival horror video game franchises of all time.

Owned by Capcom, this game series has become globally popular due to its stunning theme and modes of combat.

Started in the year 1996, the Resident Evil game franchise has released a number of games, with each one having different plots and characters.

The latest game released by Capcom was titled Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Among the various game releases by the Resident Evil game franchise, the best ones include Resident Evil 4, 6, and 7.

In general, this survival horror shooting game features characters who fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation.

Players also have to fight against the people who have become zombies due to infection of the deadly T-Virus.

The Resident Evil movie franchise is also based on the various Resident Evil games released by Capcom.

Some of the leading characters in the Resident Evil game franchise are mentioned below.

All main characters follow a unique style with their own costumes and accessories.

So, check out all the leading video game characters and get inspired by their style.


Leon S. Kennedy


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Leon S. Kennedy is one of the leading protagonists in the Resident Evil game series.

After starting out as a police officer, Leon becomes a secret agent who is sent on various rescue missions.

Leon is well-known for his super-cool hairdo, handsome looks, stylish outfits, and tactical combat skills.

This character was well received by both fans as well as critics.

Leon sports a cool brown jacket, gloves, accessories, jeans, boots, and a black turtleneck.

Leon Scott Kennedy. The best protagonist of Resident Evil. #leonkennedy #residentevil #residentevil4 #residentevil6 #capcom

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The picture shows Leon’s third outfit in the Resident Evil 4 game.

Leon looks absolutely stunning in this gangster outfit which includes gloves, fedora, a red tie, and a white scarf.

The Chicago Typewriter gun adds extra detailing to the overall look, making him ready for taking on zombies.

Leon’s stylish outfit matches with these cool Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham.

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Ashley Graham is the President’s daughter who was held captive by Los Illuminados in a remote Spanish village.

Leon S Kennedy was the secret agent appointed by the U.S. government to rescue Ashley.

After going through many paths, solving different puzzles and battling against monsters, Leon manages to save Ashley in the end.

Ashley’s costume include an orange sleeveless sweater, a scarf, a pair of brown boots, and a green skirt with a crisscross design.

The second costume of Ashley is a white colored pop-star like outfit.

Ashley’s elegant outfit matches with these trendy Dolce & Gabbana shades.

Ada Wong

Ada Wong is the mysterious long-legged enchantress of the Resident Evil game series.

In the beginning, she is regarded as a women of unknown motives.

Later on, it is revealed that Ada is a spy looking to claim the G-Virus sample.

On course of her mission, she manages to assist Leon in achieving his target.

Ada uses a Blacktail handgun and a knife for combat.

The best outfit of Ada is the classic red velvet dress shown in the picture above.

Gold-tipped butterflies on the velvet dress add extra beauty to her attire.

These CARRERA sunglasses would be the perfect match for Ada’s red velvet attire.

Jill Valentine

After working for the elite Delta Force, Jill valentine went on to become a member of the ‘Special Tactics and Rescue Service’ Alpha team.

Jill is an iconic character with a witty mind and a strong body.

The Beretta 92FS pistol is the primary weapon used by Jill in combat.

She is an expert when it comes to diffusing a bomb.

Jill sports her official attire with cargo pants, combat boots, and a beret.

Jill’s attire can be matched with these trendy Bigatmo shades.

Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield joined an NGO to help people who were affected by the bio-weapons.

She is known for her tomboyish looks and elegant style.

Claire manages to achieve her goal of stopping the Umbrella Corporation’s rule.

Her attire includes a red vest, a white shirt, and blue Denim jeans.

These Sporty Adidas shades would be the perfect match for Claire’s attire.

Albert Wesker

How is everyone doing😊

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Albert Wesker is one of the main characters, and primary antagonists in the game series.

Eventually it is revealed that Albert is a double agent who plans to destroy the Umbrella Corporation.

Albert is known to be a cunning, power-hungry man whose only goal was to transform the human race and rule over them.

Wesker wears a black colored outfit with a checkered jacket and square-shaped glasses.

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