Scandinavian Eyewear Looks: How to Pull Off Minimalism

How to Pull Off Scandinavian Minimalism

Scandinavian and hygge are two of the biggest style influences at the moment. But unlike other wardrobe looks that come and go, these are not trends. Or passing wardrobe crazes. The Nordic way of dressing is about the simplicity of life and enjoying all of life’s little pleasures. And that often means comfort over fashion and choosing quality over quantity.

It’s not about who has the biggest wardrobe or all the latest gear. It’s about timeless elegance and colours that work in every season. The key to getting the Scandinavian wardrobe right is to keep everything easy and effortless. Opt for clean lines, simple cuts and muted hues that blend in seamlessly to give you more cost per wear.

With eyewear, it’s about going for those classic silhouettes and never overdoing it with embellishments or features. Here are 3 ways you achieve eternally stylish minimalism, as inspired by Scandinavia.

Barely There Makeup Look

Keep things simple with a minimal makeup look. There’s nothing worse than thick, patchy or blotchy foundation when you’re styling eyewear. Exfoliate for glowing skin, moisturize well to hydrate in winter, and make sure your brows are well groomed.

If you don’t like the natural look, use a light coverage tinted cream or foundation and a light reflecting veil or create a youthful appearance. A touch of colour on the cheeks and a lip stain will bring your skin to life.

Scandinavian Minimalism Eyewear

For minimal eyewear, we love to take inspiration from Tommy Hilfiger. The current eyewear collection focuses on timeless styles and classic colourways that can complement all skin tones and face shapes.

These chic Tommy Hilfiger TH 1018 (2/2) are ideal for daytime or evening attire and help to bring out your natural colour without makeup.

Tommy Hilfiger TH 1018 (2/2)

Tommy Hilfiger TH 1018 (2/2)



Muted with a Pop of Colour

Quiet colourways and under the radar hues epitomise the Scandi wardrobe. And the whole concept of minimalism is never overdoing it, so bright prints and patterns should be used sparingly with each ensemble.

If you want to add a pop of colour to your outfit to bring it to life, try accessorizing. Keep clothing muted with greys, browns and monochromatic designs, but use things such as eyewear, shoes and bags to add a little extra to your look.

Scandinavian Minimalism muted colour sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses are the best for winter time as they help to reduce glare and improve your quality of vision. With the low winter sun and reflective surfaces such as ice and snow, minimal glare is a blessing when you’re out and about.

These INVU T1501 frames from the Trend Collection are affordable, stylish and practical, ticking all the boxes for happy hygge style.

INVU T1501

INVU T1501


Minimal Evening Glam

If you didn’t think that evening attire could be teamed with sunglasses in the winter, you’re wrong. Scandinavian style is all about being practical and every piece of clothing and every accessory has a function. Sunglasses are essential all year round (yes, even if it’s cold outside) to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. To keep your look on point, stick with simple shades that don’t steal the attention away from your dress.

Scandinavian Minimalism little black dress sunglasses

An LBD with some aviators or classic Clubmasters create the perfect combo for minimalist evening glam. And these Ray-Ban RB4259 are understated enough to help you achieve just that!

Ray-Ban RB4259

Ray-Ban RB4259


Want more style tips on nailing Scandinavian wardrobe style? Read our latest post on selecting the right eyewear for an alternative and minimalist look this winter: ‘The Art of Danish Hygge: Eyewear for Hipsters‘.

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