Seasonal and Stylish: The Rise of the Round Frame

Autumn is finally here, hooray! If like me, you love your fluffy jumpers and cosy tights, you’ll be jumping for joy over what’s to come in the months ahead. A new season means a new chance to try out some of the latest trends and whether you like the laid back look or you’re an all-out diva, there’s never been a better excuse to treat yourself.

Your glasses are a reflection of who you are and that’s the way it should be. Just like every outfit, your frames play an important part in creating an overall style, so getting them right is important! The fit, the shape and the colour are all aspects that the on-trend fashionista should consider when picking glasses to match his or her style.

One quirky trend that’s quickly making a comeback is the rounded frame.

Variations of the round frame can be seen scattered across all decades, which is good news if you like a bit of style variation when choosing your glasses. Whatever the period, the round frame just has something a little bit whimsical and dreamlike about it and is the perfect way to inject a little bit of out there style into your look for the magical and mystical festive season ahead.

Looking for the perfect ‘Seasonal Frames’ to pair with your cosy new outfits?

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The Smith Optics MADDOX frames are bursting with seasonal style and sass, and are perfect if you’re not keen on the completely circular look. The dreamy autumnal colours are beautifully subtle, with the understated mottled effect really reflecting an image of falling leaves on a cold autumn day. The dreamy colours and attractive shape provide you with everything you need to finish off your look. Pair them with a chunky knitted beige jumper or striking red dress and you’re ready to step out on-season and on-trend.

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Vintage Chic

Thanks to years of glasses evolution, you can cherry-pick a whole host of fanciful circular frames and with every new era, there’s a new style that can be repurposed and redesigned to fit your unique style. Choose from an ultra-modern oval style or even take a trip back in time with a pair of traditional 1920s/1930s circular spectacles. If like me, the latter intrigues you then you’ll love these vintage-style UNIVO glasses.


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With their undeniably quirky shape and tortoise shell colouring, these frames are certain to make you stand out loud and proud. The classic colours reflect everything that’s wonderful about autumn and prove that brown doesn’t have to be boring! The UNIVO U26 frames are perfect for everyone and are available for use with all lens types, so no one has to miss out on these amazing frames.

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Plain and simple!

Some of the best round frames to highlight your autumn-winter style can be discreet, modern and stylish, if quirky isn’t your thing. If you’re looking for something a little more understated, then why not opt for one colour frames without all the bells and whistles?

Plain frames can give you a stylish edge without being too ‘in your face’ about it and are perfect for the professional office worker. Best of all, if you choose to opt for a simpler frame, you can also save yourself some money too.


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Such is the case with these all black Savannah P2375 frames, which offer the wearer a creative frame paired with a sleek black colouring, all for a seriously budget friendly price. Wear them with black leggings and comfortable zip up boots for a top notch winter style that’ll last for months.

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Harry, is that you?


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Nothing is quite as Christmassy and magical than the halls of Hogwarts! These round frames really are something else and would look great with almost every outfit. Available in both silver and black, the Infinity M8201 frames are sleek, minimalist and work well with all skin types and hair colours. Whether you need them for reading, driving or just as a fashion accessory, there really is nothing daintier or quirkier for your face than these circular frames.

Small features? These might be best avoided if you have smaller face as they are quite big but not to worry, there are plenty of round styles out there for smaller faces too!

Available here to complete your one of a kind winter style.

Are you ready to party?

Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas and the new year! There are so many amazing events coming up over the next few months giving you a great excuse to get dressed up and flaunt your style. Whether you’re looking for some new specs to see you through the new year or you’re after a stand out pair for a one off event, a rounded frame could be just the edge you need to vamp up your autumn-winter style.