Sexy Librarian Glasses: 6 Retro Frames to Help You Get the Bookworm Look!

rachel weisz librarian glasses

Some may categorise the ‘sexy librarian’ with ‘geek chic’. They’re basically the same, right? Well, not quite. The two styles may have some unequivocal similarities but the foundation of these trends are somewhat contrasting.

Some of the style rules are the same but the origins differ greatly. Geek chic only emerged properly in the late 90s and took on a ‘revenge of the nerds’ kind of revolution, giving outsiders the fashion baton and giving mainstream jocks and cheerleaders the official boot (sorry but it’s the geeky kid’s turn now).

It transformed the ‘untrendy’ into the trendy, the unlikely into the likely, and the unwanted into the most coveted style in the world of fashion. And to this day, we still applaud such an underdog movement.

But the whole librarian thing dates back way, way before the geek revolution. The sexy librarian look has been an under-the-radar look; it’s essentially been sitting right under our noses for decades. And whilst geek chic glasses are bold, out there and fashion forward, librarian glasses are much more understated.

rachel weisz librarian glasses

Librarian spectacle frames have been around throughout the last century so there are so many different styles to choose from. Need help finding the perfect sexy librarian specs for you? Here are our top 6 looks from our current collection!

1. The Univo U26

These fabulous frames look like the perfect style dupe for Rachel Weisz’s sexy librarian specs from the film, The Mummy. Set in the 1920s, these round retro lenses depict the perfect librarian look of that time and you can steal Rachel’s style with the Univo U26 glasses.

sexy librarian glasses rachel weisz

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2. The Infinity L8110

For a barely there look, these full rim metal glasses from the Infinity budget collection are the perfect balance. They’re simple and look great with almost any outfit. Shop the understated look with the Infinity L8110 spectacles online now.

sexy librarian glasses

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3. The Hallmark E9857

Cateye glasses were hugely popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and movie pin-ups such as Marilyn Monroe sexualised the simple cat’s eye frame. These gorgeous Hallmark E9857 spectacles are seductively chic and simple at the same time. They’re a must for the book-worm look.

sexy librarian glasses uk

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4. The Michael Kors

For designer edge, go for these stylish frames from Michael Kors. Featuring a timeless tortoise shell design, these Michael Kors MK8019 SABINA V specs are a true classic in anyone’s wardrobe.

sexy librarian glasses michael kors

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5. The Tiffany TF2087H

If you need a pop of sexy colour, these Tiffany & Co TF2087H frames are just perfect. A splash of red adds a little fire to your look, yet remains fabulously elegant for the understated and shy librarian. Or if you want to ramp up the raunchiness, team with red lippy for that ultimate sex appeal.

sexy geek chic glasses

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6. The Lanvin VLN600M

These Lanvin VLN600M sexy spectacles feature a mock tortoise shell and combine a retro silhouette with a vintage finish. They look great with all skin tones and will definitely help you nail that sexy librarian look in an instant. A work wardrobe must-have.

sexy librarian glasses lanvin

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What frames have you spotted that would infuse ‘sexy librarian’ chic?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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