Top 5 Geek-Chic Glasses for Women

cheap geek chic glasses women 2016

Geek chic is the trend that never seems to go away. It’s remained a true veteran of fashion for over a decade and no matter what year or season time takes us to, the geek chic look never gets tired.

By 2013, the phrase “geek chic” was finally entered into to the Oxford dictionary:

[MASS NOUN] informal The dress, appearance, and culture associated with computing and technology enthusiasts, regarded as stylish or fashionable: the crowd is young, the style is geek chic, and the latest in computer gadgetry is on display.

So in a way, it’s not really a ‘trend’ at all; it’s more like a fashion movement. Like red lipstick. Like bucket bags. Like the miniskirt. Or like 60s Mod and 60s Rocker. And these days, it really is cool to be geeky.

So no matter what your look, no matter what your style, there’s always room for a bit geek chic eyewear in your wardrobe. If you love the geek chic glasses trend, here are 5 of the most affordable geek-chic prescription specs available to buy right now!

1. Savannah 2444 (£10)

cheap geek chic glasses uk women

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For the simple, sassy geek chic look, you can’t go wrong with these bargain frames! For just £10, you can create a sexy, stylish geek chic wardrobe in seconds!

And because the lenses come oversized, the frame is bang on trend and is designed to suit almost any face shape. Shop the Savannah 2444 oversized geek chic glasses now.

2. Infinity 1252 (£25)

geek chic glasses cheap brushed matte

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These affordable specs have a narrower lens for a more rectangular look, and will suit most face shapes. Finished with a brushed matte effect, these frames look extremely high-end.

But at just £25 a pop (with free single vision lenses and coatings too), these geek-chic prescription glasses are a total steal! Shop the Infinity 1252 glasses online and choose from 4 on-trend colour designs.

3. Hallmark 1563 (£25)

cheap geek chic glasses women uk

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These frames really add a fun pop of colour – if you love the geek chic glasses style but you don’t want to stick with the typical all black look, go for these fabulous Hallmark 1563 geek chic colour contrast frames for just £25!

Take your pick from Dark Blue, Black/Light Blue or Red and add a bit of sass to your outfit.

4. Savannah 2249 (£10)

cheap geek chic glasses women uk

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If you love a matte finish, the Savannah 2249 prescription glasses could be right up your street. They’ve got the all black full rim look which defines a good pair of geek chic frames, plus they also have cool metal detailing on the frame front for that chic, designer touch.

There’s also an optional tint so you can enjoy nerd chic specs and nerd chic shades in one! Shop the Savannah 2249 glasses online now.

5. Brooklyn D22

cheap geek chic glasses women 2016

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There’s something beautifully elegant about the Brooklyn D22 specs. They ooze geek chic but the delicate frame design and thin temple arms help to add a feminine touch.

So if you want to be bold, but not that bold, these specs are the ideal everyday go-to pair. They’re lightweight, affordable and available in 3 classic colours. Shop now for the Brooklyn D22 geek chic glasses.

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