Shades with ‘Blinkers’: Your New Summer Staple

benefits of sunglasses with blinkers side shields

Getting sunglasses with ‘blinkers’ or side shields could be a great idea this summer, and we’re not just speaking to the steampunk fans out there.

True enough, this style of accessorised eyewear has been strongly linked to steampunk fashion over the years. But today, they are much more than just a science fiction statement – they are the modern woman’s wardrobe statement, with many practical benefits for the wearer.

For SS18, they are catwalk approved, and we believe that they are a must-have from here on out.

Here are the reasons why you need shades with blinkers in your eyewear collection right now…


1. Major SS18 Trend

Firstly, let us share our love of the blinker sunglasses style. They are a major trend for SS18 that has been celebrated on the catwalks of some of the biggest designer houses in recent seasons, including Givenchy, Giorgio Armani and Moncler.

These shades offer a practical design, but they are also there to create an iconic, stand-out look that will totally raise your eyewear game this year.

These Giorgio Armani AR8092QZ sunglasses feature a breathable side shield with an industrial vibe and cable style temples for the perfect fit when you’re out and about.

why you need shades with blinkers

Giorgio Armani AR8092QZ

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2. They Reduce Glare

Another benefit to wearing shades with side shields is that they can help to improve quality of vision.

For those who like to spend their time outdoors, whether at events and festivals or just for weekend walks and hikes, this style of frame can offer amazing clarity without the problem of glare.

The blinkers give you complete coverage so you can see without the need to squint.

Now that’s what we call fashion and function working in harmony, like these stylish Vuarnet VL1315 GLACIER shades!

benefits of sunglasses with blinkers

Vuarnet VL1315 GLACIER

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3. Protection From The Sun

One of the most important reasons why sunglasses with blinkers are so awesome is because they provide added protection for your peepers.

We all know about the sun’s harmful UV rays and it is now recommended that we wear sunglasses all year round to prevent UV damage. So not only can this type of design reduce glare, but they can block out UVA and UVB rays, which are linked to degeneration and eye disease.

These Givenchy GV 7038/S frames are hot off the catwalk and feature a chic mirrored lens and textured leather side shields for amazing outdoor style.

why you need sunglasses with side shields

Givenchy GV 7038/S

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4. They Block Out The Wind

As though saving your eyes from the sun wasn’t enough, this style of frame can also ensure that you are free from the irritations of extreme wind.

These Julbo 010 VERMONT CLASSIC glasses come with a removable piece of leather which acts as a side shield.

It even provides 100% full coverage between the nose bridge and top bar, so you can rest assured that no weather element is going to get inside.

sunglasses with blinkers why you need them


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5. Great For Ski Season

So there we have it, sunglasses with blinkers can also safeguard your eyes in the most extreme weather conditions.

From extreme sun to extreme wind, they have you covered from every direction. But what about the cold?

Well, the great news is they’re superb for alpine climes too! Side shields can prevent dry eye by saving your peepers from the icy atmosphere, and can even protect from debris when you’re on the slopes.

If you need shades that can give you all the protection you need in extreme cold or heat, these Cebe SUMMIT sunglasses are ideal. They’re great all-rounders and come in 3 different colours…

benefits of sunglasses with side shields


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