Out Of This World: Space Age Makeup

Get ready for the next fabulous makeup trend that will take you to a whole other level: space-inspired makeup. With rainbow brows, glitter freckles, and chrome lips on the radar, this dreamy trend is one you’ll have lots of fun trying out.

On the catwalk, avant-garde Paris fashion house Maison Margiela has led the way – icy blue hues and alien-esque eyebrows made their mark in a recent show.

With plenty more intergalactic styles on Instagram and the high street, here’s a guide to our fave looks and how to style them to make them your own.

Glitter Brows

We’re in love with the frosty pastel hues in the above runway shot from Maison Margiela. Cool mints are paired with dusty blues and accented with metallic accessories for the ultimate space-age vibe.

Draw out the beautiful mints with the MAX&Co. 326/S shades to work your own intergalactic aesthetic. Grab them below!

MAX&Co. 326/S

Negative Space Eyeshadow


We’ve seen negative space eyeliner on everyone from Emma Watson to Lily Collins, and this eyeshadow trend is a natural extension.

The negative space aspect of this look draws attention to patterns and shapes by leaving them blank, which is partly what gives it its spacey vibe.

But, don’t underestimate the importance of colour — silvers, blues, greens, and anything metallic or glittery, are perfect for getting the cosmic effect.

Experiment with smokey eyes, different shapes and blending multiple colours to find your new statement style. Dust your lashes with eyeshadow too for extra impact!

Try matching with your glasses for a bold take on this trend. We love this futuristic pair below from Miu Miu!

Miu Miu MU 06PV

Miu Miu MU 06PV


On Everyone’s Lips

Gone are the days where a bold red was considered adventurous; now lips are another canvas to experiment with patterns, textures, and colour.

Line lips in a rich purple and paint different sections in metallic mermaid shades to get the effect above. Just finish with a glitter top coat, or stick on individual glitter makeup pieces to personalize.

Or unleash your inner artist, and create your own stars with the help of a fine brush and silver lippy.

Paint your background on first — we love this dusky blue and purple combo — and then go to town with comets and stars.

If you’re going to a music festival this summer, it might be the perfect place to give this a go before committing it to your makeup repertoire.

Go starry-eyed with these shades from Givenchy.

Givenchy GV 7057/STARS

Givenchy GV 7057/STARS


Nail It

If all of that sounds a little complicated, you can still try this futuristic fashion with just a quick visit to a nail salon.

Ask for chrome nails and rock a robotic look with cool silvers.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, ask for decorative stars or planets, or simply allow your technician to freestyle on the space-age theme.

Team your mani with some silver hardware and pair with clear frames to keep things right up to the minute.

Take a look at these frames from Barbour for inspiration.

Barbour International BI-028

Barbour International BI-028

Check out our look at how to style glitter accessories!

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