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Fendi FF 0038

As a fashion lover i always keep an eye out on my fave designers and what pieces they are creating and putting forward. New to SelectSpecs is the truly strange yet ultra awesome Fendi FF 0038 frame. This frame is not for the faint hearted but those who choose to wear it will be empowered by the high fashion style the frame just oozes. To view this frame click here now.


The first colour option is a slick black, the rims are pretty simple in shape and design yet still look striking when combined with the rest of the frame. The almost square rims are all in the classic shade of black, the nose bridge of the frame however is a contrasting silver which really makes the glasses stand out from a distance.

The arms of the frame are the real talking point and selling point of these glasses, the zig-zag effect of the metal is eye catching and unique…by wearing these frames you really will be wearing a piece of art and high quality craftsmanship. At the ends of the interesting arms, a contrasting black is used to enhance and exaggerate the zig-zag effect of the silver part of the arms.

In terms of fashion and style, wear these gorgeous black pair with a simple black and white suit for a working look that incorporates a bit of fun. Try a bright fuschia lipstick when wearing this colour option as the bright colour will enhance the simple black and silver colouring of the frames. Black simply goes with everything therefore whatever fashion taste or style you have…you can make these frames look fabulous.

The best part is…the F0038 frame comes in 5 other colours!


The colour option above is just gorgeous. The rims are a deep sea blue and effortlessly stand out amongst the rest of the frame. To put together an outfit that will compliment the blue of the frames, try wearing a basic colour on your top half such as white or black and then a brighter colour on your bottom half such as a deep blue pair of jeans. If you are feeling daring try to colour block with the blue and wear red to clash yet still look stylishly striking.


This next colour option features an almost grey coloured rim. The arms also feature a contrasting blue at the ends to really make the silver and grey colouring of the frame stand out. To piece an outfit together including the use of these fabulous frames, choose a simple grey 60’s style shift dress, the simplicity of colour pairing is key to create a casual outfit that screams designer. To add a slight injection of colour, try wearing a bright shoe such as bright blue pumps to highlight the blue in the arm of the glasses.


This next option is a gorgeous semi-transparent silver tone of frame. This colour option is simple yet elegant and perfect for pairing with super cute accessories for a summery look. The distinctive zig-zag arms are a dark grey with hints of burgundy running throughout to create a subtle yet distinctive look. For a perfect summer outfit, pair these light and bright frames with denim shorts, vest and a white kimono for a beach and festival ready look.

The penultimate colour option is my favourite, the peach colour and tones running through the whole of the frames is just super pretty and feminine. Every aspect of these glasses is fun, girly but also super sophisticated, the nose bridge is peach coloured as well as the arms, the ends of the arms however are black which makes for a dark contrast to the ever so bright frames. To create a super girly yet also super grunge look pair these pretty peach frames with a light coloured maxi dress and a pair of black Doc Marten type boots for an added touch of grunge.


The final colour option available in this gorgeous Fendi frame is this Havana style of tones. The earthy colours of brown, orange and slight yellow are used to create a warm effect to the frames that is also bang on trend. Havana is a hot celebrity style staple at the moment therefore these frames are the perfect way to follow the trend but with an alternative twist. The shape of the frame allows for these glasses to be easy to wear yet also a bold statement accessory within your wardrobe. Pair these gorgeous frames with a simple pair of black jeans and pretty t-shirt for a casual look with an added talking point of the bold Fendi glasses.

In conclusion all of the colour options above are super stylish and super trendy, which ever one takes your fancy you are sure to walk away with a great pair of high end designer frames that ooze fashion.

To view all of the colour options above and to find out more about the frames, just click here now!

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