Stunning Special Edition Ray-Ban Frames

Ray-Ban is a classic designer brand that have been producing stunning eyewear for years. Its hard to pick which Ray-Ban frames are right for you…however these gorgeous special edition RX6295 Wayfarer frames are a great staple piece. Ray-Ban has used a brushed metal effect on these frames, giving them a classy yet industrial edge.

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Colour 2804 Top Red on Black

The first colour option is black with a horn rimmed style of frame.

Black is a colour that will never go out of fashion, it can be paired and matched with anything and will always look smart and sophisticated. This black colour option consists of a thick top rim which will accentuate your cheek bones and draw attention to your eyes. The rimless bottom of the frame means that this is in a horn rimmed style and this style of frame will suit both men and women. You can style this colour option with almost anything however, these frames will inject a slight grunge look into your outfit.

Colour 2805 Brushed Black

The second colour option is brushed black.

rayban2This gorgeous colour option includes an immaculate brushed metal finish on the frame. This ensures that the black coloured frame looks slightly metallic and glimmers with the light. Differing from the previous black colour option, these frames have a black bottom rim, giving the effect that the face is more full and defined. For men, these frames would be a perfect accessory to a sharp all black suit. In terms of women’s style, pair these frames with a neon coloured shirt or blouse and then team with a pair of fitted jeans for a more casual look.

Colour 2806 Brushed Silver

The third colour option of these special edition glasses blends two classic colours together.

The beautiful blend of silver and gold works effortlessly within these frames to produce a wardrobe staple. The top half of the frame features a stunning brushed metal effect on the shade of silver, making it look almost like silver itself. The same can be said for the bottom of the frame, the gold hints which also feature on the arms help make this frame a piece of cutting edge high fashion. The mix of colours incorporated in these glasses will look great paired with pastel colours such as pale blue or light pink. Men would look their best when pairing these frames with a simple white t-shirt and jean combo.

Colour 2807 Brushed Bronze

The penultimate option for this gorgeous special edition Ray-Ban frame is brushed bronze.


The stunning brushed metal effect creates a blend of bronzed tones to the frame. The metallic effect glistens in the light and the golden shades give a warming feel to the frames. The rimless bottom and thick top means that the attention is drawn to the eyes and the face appears slimmer and defined. To create a warming outfit that oozes high fashion, pair these frames with a golden coloured dress and an orange lipstick for a super hot outfit combination.

Colour 2808 Brushed Gun-metal

The final colour option is in the edgy industrial shade of gun-metal.


The brushed gun-metal grey of the frames are simple yet edgy. The colour is alternative and differs from the normal black or plain colours of glasses. The silver tones that merge with the greys create a cool vibe and brings some youth to the glasses. These would look handsome on men, however they would also look fab on women when paired with a simple white summer dress for a casual look.

In conclusion the Ray-Ban RX6295 special edition glasses are fabulous yet edgy, with a slightly industrial feel in terms of the gorgeous brushed metal effect, these frames are cool and youthful yet sophisticated and stylish.

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