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Over the last couple of years, men have been embracing facial hair and experimenting with different styles of beard, mustache and side burns. Whilst it is suggested that the hashtag #movember and the competition undertaken each November for men to grow their facial hair for charity is the reason why the beard has begun to see a rise in popularity, in 2016 the beard was connected with the hipster trend, usually paired with a tailored three-piece suit, bowtie, and slick hairstyle. This trend looks set to continue into 2017.

There are many different styles of beard which can be sported such as:

  1. Close trimmed beard: a well-groomed, but short look
  2. Full beard: a dense covering of hair, sometimes paired with a full mustache
  3. Disconnected beard: a full beard and hair style which is separated at the temple by a shorn section

Whilst it is fun and easy to experiment with facial hair, choosing glasses to suit your hair and beard style can be tricky, not to mention ensuring that both suit your face shape.

To try and make it a bit easier, we have compiled some of the ways in which you can style your beard this season with lenses to help you complete the look.

The Disconnected Beard

This look consists of a division between the side burn and the hairline.

They can be a matter of millimeters or centimeters, depending on your bravery and personal choices. But the beard should be well groomed and barbered to ensure a clear division.

This style of beard is designed to show a distinction between the facial hair and hairline. A thinner frame arm is more suitable so that you can still see the disconnection.

These Antares 9036 glasses at just £18.00 with free lenses are perfect as they have super thin arms to the frames and bottom of the lens area.

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Full & Bold

This beard style is not for the faint hearted. Unless you grow your facial hair as fast as Steve Carell in Evan Almighty, you may have to be patient and wait a few months for the full effect.

In order to make the beard appear as dense and bold as possible, it is important to keep it trimmed to a relatively short length. This means that the beard has a better silhouette and makes it appear bolder.

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The Hugo Boss BOSS 0728 glasses are a perfect combination to a full beard because they are chunky frames.

Your facial hair will provide a bold statement alongside your eyewear.

Skinhead & Beard Combo

Whilst the other two focused on different beard styles, this style focuses more on the hairline.

For those who either choose a skin head or have hair loss, this does not restrict your ability to style a beard of any length.

Actors such as Jason Statham and Rockmond Dunbar have successfully styled the look.

As long as you choose a length which suits your face shape, a beard will add texture and dimension to your face.

This style of eyewear is less traditional, but is set to be a trend of this season.

It combines a bold top with a frameless bottom, complementing a full beard and shaven head as the look is bold without being too overbearing.

The Ray-Ban RX6317 glasses are a perfect pair for this type of look.

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Find out more about how Jason Statham’s style or see what styles have been popular at this years Coachella festival

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