Sunglasses to Bring out Contrasting Colours


Wearing contrasting colours can be tricky sometimes – you want a coherent look but you also don’t want to clash. If you’re looking for something bright and fun, have a look at these suggestions for ways to up your colour game this summer! I’m not suggesting your outfit planning should start with your sunglasses, but if it does, then it can only go uphill from there! These ideas and tips highlight some amazing sunglasses options for this hot weather, and trust me, you’ll be wanting for more. The great thing about the featured sunglasses is that they are bold enough to serve as a statement piece, but not too ‘out there’ that they become irrelevant after a fashion phase – these will be worth it for a few more summers to come!

Neutral Sunglasses with Solid Colours

Solid colours are great because they are bold, and there are no distractions from patterns. This is also exactly why you must be careful with the colours you choose (the exact tint/shade of the colour matters!). Remember, that you want to let the contrasts work for you, not against you.

If it is a sunny day, try out these Ocean Blue 9170 sunglasses. They are neutral enough not to clash, but also will be a great addition to the look. Don’t you love the rhinestone detail?!

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Contrasting Sunglasses to Match the Details

Sometimes, you don’t have to go all out with contrasts, it could also be a little more subtle. Here is a great way to bring in contrasting colours into the smaller details of your look. Don’t you just love these nails!

Try them out with a purple dress. In fact, it would go great with a pair of Dior DIORAMA1 sunglasses! The colour goes well with the contrasting purple on the nail art – simple but effective!!

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Patterned Sunglasses with Patterned Clothing


You can bring out some of the contrasting colours using patterned clothing. As you can see this look doesn’t shout ‘contrasting colours’ but it certainly plays a part in making this look awesome.

In fact, pair this with some William Morris London SU10008 sunglasses and you’ll be ready for a sunny weekend! The pattern is a lot more subtle and complementary with these sunglasses, making them easy to pull off!

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Sunglasses with Embroidered Detail

Looking at contrasting colours from a more subtle perspective, these embroidered tops work really well as a canvas for colour experimentation. It is subtle enough for you not to have to worry about what pants you wear underneath (if you choose to at all), but bright enough to still be summer-relevant!

A pair of Polaroid P8419 will do you no harm either, they are neutral and will let the contrasting embroidery shine. They have some subtle details on the arms which is great in making sure the look isn’t too bland!

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If you’re looking for something more brand specific, check out how to Build A Look: Dorothy Perkins

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