Japanese-American Eyewear By Superdry

Although American and Japanese people haven’t been the biggest allies in history, in the world of fashion, these two nations have combined forces to create the ultimate eyewear by Superdry.

This trendy brand is fit for those who thrive to rock the casual look in style with minimal effort.

Although this is no luxury brand, you can bet on one thing: the eyewear pieces will invoke a stylish vibe when combined with any outfit.

Check out this fabulous collection via Tokyo & New York below.

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The Eccentric Wayfarer

If you’re in the search for eccentricity, we’ve found the real deal.

These glasses highlight details of modernism while utilizing animal print insertions, as seen on the temples.

The Superdry SDO-BAUNSU frames generate a combo of tortoise temples and matte black frames in an ocean full of stylishness.

The Wayfarer look comes naturally with this pair.

Unisex and outstandingly eccentric, this product is the outcome of Japanese-American brilliance.

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Mix of Glam

A combination of horn-rimmed and cat-eye.

We know these two styles work together very nicely, and this is why the Superdry GRACE glasses are the reality-check every fashionista needs.

Tokyo tortoise is a fantastic option for the frames if you want to channel 21st-century Asian vibes.

Add to these some medium-sized lenses and a semi-rimless design and guess what?

These glasses are actually designed to fit the needs of anyone with a natural taste for mesmerizing eyewear.

Grab ’em now to get a vintage look!

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Lightweight & Sharp

Bring back the antique metal frames with the Superdry SDO-MARTY glasses.

You won’t regret buying this vintage pair.

This product has an authentic American look as the lightweight design and accurate lines of the frames are your newest guilty pleasure.

The oval lenses will make you feel like a Hollywood superstar as this eyewear option can fit both formal and off-duty style.

Matte antique silver seems to be one extraterrestrial asset for your look.

Also to note: the design is unisex and they come in a sunglass version as well.

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Comeback of Classic Cool

In case you are a fan of classics and the last fashion innovations do not appeal to you, there is no way you can miss the Superdry SDO-15001. 

As expected, these glasses offer a variety of exquisite colors such as gloss green crystal, gloss blue crystal or gloss khaki crystal.

And don’t forget: the lenses are top-class.

Allow your eyes to relax as they are under the armor of protective lenses with an availability in single vision or progressives.

The modern casual look at its best.

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