The Apprentice Season 13: Steal Their Style

The Apprentice: Steal Their Style
The Apprentice: Steal Their Style

The thirteenth series of the popular business-based reality programme is finally back on our screens. The Apprentice features eighteen hopeful candidates, who each have a business plan and require an investment to make it come to life. They are each competing against each other to win the £250,000 investment from Sir Alan Sugar and his support as a business partner.

This year, it seems like nearly every candidate is rocking a fab pair of specs! Keep reading below to discover how you can steal their style!

Michaela Wain

Michaela Wain works in the male-dominated world of the construction industry, and as a result she is a very strong and bold individual, who isn’t easily fazed!

We love her gorgeous aviator style glasses which are both quirky and right on-trend! They add a bit of individuality and style to her workwear look and really help her stand out from the crowd!

Steal her style with the Ray-Ban RX6489. These stunning specs feature very slim and minimal gold metal frames, double nose bridge detailing and tortoiseshell colouring on the temples.

Ray-Ban RX6489

Ray-Ban RX6489


Charles Burns

Office sweepstake for #TheApprentice and I got this idiot. #GoodbyeMoney #PracticallyLostAlready

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Charles Burns was super close to being fired in the first week so is definitely trying to pick up his game! Charles is already experienced at running several businesses, with a management consultancy currently taking up the majority of his time.

Charles is one of the most recognisable candidates already due to his bold black round specs. Round glasses and sunglasses are a key trend for 2017 and 2018 so why not also get on the bandwagon?

Get the look with the Sigma SIG 130. They feature thick black round frames much like Charles’. This style is also available in a black crystal colour, so go and check it out!

 Sigma SIG 130

Sigma SIG 130


Andrew Brady

Andrew Brady is a bit of a clever clogs, currently working as an engineering project manager in the aerospace industry. He is also super confident and isn’t afraid to tell the other candidates what’s on his mind!

Andrew is wearing some very smart and professional rectangular specs, which look fab with his grey tailored suit and his slick haircut.

Steal his style with the Savannah 2426 – Black. These super chic glasses are actually super affordable, and would make a perfect go-to pair for everyday wear!

 Savannah 2426 - Black

Savannah 2426 – Black


Elizabeth McKenna

This is my favourite ever line from #theapprentice #scaryliz #shelookssoproud

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Elizabeth used to to be a debt collector and was known by her colleagues as ‘Scary Liz’. She was certainly very outspoken and confident in the first episode of the series – it will be interesting to see how she gets along with all the other contestants!

She wears some black frames with a very subtle and wearable cat-eye shape. These would be the perfect piece to add a touch of femininity to your everyday look.

Steal her style with the Woow Be Happy 2. They feature a black exterior and a fun red interior, which would add a fabulous pop of colour to your look!

Woow Be Happy 2

Woow Be Happy 2


Anisa Topan

Anisa Topan already owns her own fashion PR consultancy, but is looking to expand her business even further with some investment.

She looks gorgeous in these trendy gradient effect frames, which feature a black and grey ombre effect. The wayfarer design is super flattering too, whilst also remaining very professional.

Get the look with the ProDesign Denmark 4733 – With Clip-on. These specs feature very similar ombre frames, and have the added benefit of featuring clip on tinted lenses – great if you get caught out in the sunshine!

 ProDesign Denmark 4733 - With Clip on

ProDesign Denmark 4733 – With Clip on


Why not take a look at our guide on how to care for your new specs?

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